Any Year, Any Series: Which Retro Sim Would You Love to See?

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Sim racing offers an almost infinite number of content combinations, spread across multiple titles. Today's grab bag approach has not always been the go-to for racing simulations, however, as dedicated titles for certain series' seasons used to be the norm. We want to know: If this approach was revived, which season of which series would you love to see get a dedicated sim?

A well-working platform with a plethora of content to choose from is great to have variety in your sim racing life, and many of them succeed in getting the immersion just right whether the scenario is a current-day one or a throwback to years past. Assetto Corsa Competizione does this well for modern GT3 racing, while Automobilista 2 keeps adding classic content that make the sim seem more like a digital museum with each update.

Focusing on a certain year of a certain series has the added bonus of developers being able to nail every series-specific aspect: Although it is turning 25 years old this year, Grand Prix Legends is still a beloved title as it simulates the 1967 Formula One season like no other, including the full grid and calendar, as well as the rules of that year.

Potential for Unique Content​

For some series, the full grids and accurate locations element would be a great, unique element for a dedicated game. Take the 1992 DTM season, for example: The series was at the height of its popularity and raced on classic tracks like the Nürburgring, Norisring or Hockenheimring, but also on numerous airfield circuits like Diepholz, Kassel-Calden or Wunstorf, plus the Alemannenring street circuit in Siegen. These may partially be available as mods, but imagine them being part of a dedicated sim as fully fleshed-out versions - these things can make sim racers dream.

Automobilista 2 Porsche 962C Sauber-Mercedes C9 Group C.jpg

Group C cars are available in many sims like Automobilista 2, but a dedicated sim featuring one or more full seasons could be on another level. Image credit: Reiza Studios

Possibilities are endless: Late 1980s Group C, the World Rally Championship at the height of the mighty Group B cars, IndyCar in 1993, including Mansell Mania gone Stateside and all circuits of the time - maybe even a 1950s Formula One sim that shows how different the world of motor racing used to be. There are countless great scenarios that would make for highly-interesting sim content.

While mods do make parts of these scenarios available, they usually have to make compromises, whether that means the rule sets or game mechanics - Assetto Corsa, for example, does not feature rolling starts, and AMS2 still lacks the ability to adjust boost pressure for turbocharged cars from inside the cockpit.

Your Thoughts​

We could go on and list potentially exciting scenarios to have their own sim, but we would rather hear your opinion: If you could wish for a specific series and season to be accurately portrayed in its own sim, which would it be? Let us know your deicison and your reasons in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


Any decent historical Le Mans content. The very early years, the Jaguars, Ford vs Ferarri, early Porsches entries, Group C, GT1, etc.,

Part of it could come from AMS2, but a more detailed representation, with different classes of a given period, that would be so great.

I would enjoy it so much playing as a winner candidate OR as a garagista trying to finish the race in a much humbler endeavor.
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We only play historic in "sandbox" sims and I love them. But is it time for a sim built from the ground up for (Edit: added "a") historic/ vintage/ retro era?

Actually same question goes for cruising (countryside or cities), drifting, off-road, bus, trucks driving and many more genre.. Because a TestDrive Unlimited, a Snowrunner or a Euro Truck Simulator is not really a driving simulator with their On-Off physics.
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90's DTM/ITC Classe 1.

Specifically 1996. Star drivers. Awesome cars. All the Gizmos - Paddle shift, ABS, AWD, Traction Control, Active Suspension Active Aero.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class
Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI
Opel Calibra V6 4x4

Period versions of all the tracks.

That would be awesome!
1950's sports car racing. An amazing assortment of circuits (Targa Florio, Mille Miglia, Carrera Panamerica) that are very different from modern racing along with classics like Le Mans, Spa, and Nordschleife. Also many beautiful cars (Jaguar D-Type, Ferrari 250 and others, Porsche 550 and 718, MB W194 and 300SLR)
1985-1990 World SportsCar Championship with group C1, C2 cars and races with Le Mans 24 Hours, IMSA 1989, 1990, 1991 with Daytona 24 Hours and Sebring 12 Hours, DTM 1990, 1991 and 1992, F1 Seasons 1989-1993, BTCC 1992-1994, WRC 1991-1993 with Monte or Safari rally with endurance format, MotoGP: 125CC, 250CC and 500CC from 1991-1993 seasons, IndyCar 1990-1995 seasons
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