Are You Interested in Motorcycle Racing Games/Sims?


Are you interested in motorcycle racing games/sims (details in comments)?

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Racing on 2 wheels can be so very exciting. The several international motorcycle racing series prove that season over season. Yet, motorcycle games haven't really taken the sim racing field. So, what do you think about motorcycle racing games?

Now, I admit, calling most motorcycle games out there "simulations" might be a bit of a stretch, as all of them lack a certain degree of realism. Therefore, in the following paragraphs, I will be calling them "games".

Be it MotoX or Superbike, There are Bikes For Everyone!​

In the dirt, on roads, in the air or on the ground. Bikes have a variability in racing that arguably exceeds car racing. One detail that the IRL racing series show time and time again, however, is the incredible amount of overtaking. And that just makes sense.

Bikes are much smaller than cars. If they race on the same tracks, overtakes are much easier to come by, because, on tracks where cars could go 3 wide, bikes could go at least 6 wide. In racing series like the Moto3 that happens regularly. But even the larger machines have a much easier time just diving inside of their competitors cleanly.

So, if real life can make those races so close and competitive, why hasn't it taken the digital world yet?

Digital Two-Wheel Racing is Lacklustre​

There might be a few problems coming together. In fact, I own a few motorcycle racing games, but none of them could reel me in for a longer time. There's the MotoGP games which are just nothing special. A few in-development steam games are fluttering around for motox. And there's SBK 22. Which I'd rather forget altogether.

But instead of me listing up every problem that comes to mind, I'll just put the question to you:

Are you interested in motorcycle games?

If you have problems with them, what are the problem? And what would you suggest to make them more enjoyable? Let us know in the comments down below!
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When in TT Superbikes and you'd lean over (dependant on angle also), it replicated the increase in revs as the bike leaned over; the further you leaned the more revs also built up.
Afaict both Ride 4 and MotoGP 21 do this.
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I love motorcycles being a biker since 1979 and owned over 200 bikes. Currently own 3. So I automatically love anything to do with bikes. I actually got to learn to ride a few laps of the 1st Isle of Man TT game a few years ago but it was frustrating. My last Moto GP game is the 2020 one and I really like it. I have been playing Grand Prix games since Microprose GP500.

Here is an interesting video showing some evolution.
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I'm interested in how specialized studios make their sim rigs for motorcycle racing.
whit a ffb wheel you can get kind of feel of driving car but a motorcycle? its not about the controler but the feel of wind and speed. I drive a kind of fast car and a sportbike in real life, its so much difrent too a car where you fight whit wind, use body positions. Its hard to get that in a game atm exept some crazy money simulator rig whit a fan xD

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