Art of Rally | Indonesia Coming This Year for Free

The first clips from the newest location for art of rally have been shared, and funselektor has confirmed it will be released later this year to PC and console.

art of rally is a title almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Between its gorgeous visuals, nuanced driving model and countless quirks, it stands apart in the racing game space.

Earlier this year developer funselektor had teased some images of a tropical location that would be added to art of rally. We now know that the location is Indonesia, and the release date will be later this year.

Indonesia joins Finland, Sardinia, Japan, Norway, Germany and Kenya in the title. Players can enjoy these locations using the various eras of rally cars represented in the title.

As a bonus, it's been confirmed that Indonesia will be added for free to both PC and console systems. funselektor notes in the video description that players will be able to "Race on the beach and through the jungle", and the location will feature 6 new stages and a free roam area.

More content for great games like art of rally is always welcome, especially when it's free! Let us know your thoughts on the Indonesia announcement, or any other thoughts related to art of rally on Twitter @RaceDepartment or in the comments below!
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Sadly unplayable on Switch, huge input lag & no customisable controls, with the standard layout being really weird.
Soon in the comments:
All the guys who critisize Raceroom, rFactor2 or even Project Cars 2 are going to comment how good this game is and that everyone should buy it.
This game is amazing, everyone should buy it.

Lol, are you happy now?

Seriously, as has been already said, considering this game good has nothing to do with PC2, RF2, or whatever sim. It's a completely different game, enjoyable under completely different circumstances.

And also, seriously now, not everyone should buy it, some people won't enjoy it, and that's fine. For those who do enjoy it, it's nice and fun and it's great that it gets new content for free. (And please, saying this I am not trying to criticize sims for charging for new laser scanned tracks full of complex graphic elements and textures because, again, completely different things).
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