Combined with the also just released new wheel rims, the new Asetek La Prima and Forte Wheel Button Boxes give you unprecedented possibilities for customizing your Asetek setup.

The La Prima and Forte wheel button boxes are now available on the Asetek website. Along with them, the Danish manufacturer also released a number of new steering wheels. They can be freely combined with the button boxes, thus enlarging the customizing option of your Asetek setup big time.

In our review video we give you more insight into the new Asetek wheel button boxes and the steering wheels.

Designed For Any Terrain​

The Asetek La Prima and Forte wheel button boxes were designed to please both sim racers as well as traditional racers. So no matter what racing discipline you are going for, Asetek will now have you covered, as the new button boxes are suitable equally for Rallye, Drift, GT, Touring or Road car.

Asetek La Prima and Forte Button Boxes - Steering Wheel Combinations
Combine the new Asetek button boxes with the Asetek rim of your choice. Image Credit: Asetek

Asetek La Prima Wheel Button Box​

Asetek La Prima Button Box
La Prima sports 84 individual input options as well as customziable LED colors and behavior.
Price: 279.99 € (depending on local VAT)

Asetek Forte Wheel Button Box​

Asetek Forte Button Box
Forte features 112 individual input options (same as La Prima plus: 2 x 2-way toggle switches, 2 x extra thumb encoders) and supports additional paddles.
Price: 379.99 € (depending on local VAT)

Six New Rims To Shape Your Individual Racing Journey​

Whether you are mastering GT cars on smooth tracks, tackling rally stages in WRC vehicles, or executing daring drift maneuvers in a tuned AE86, Asetek has you covered. Because you can now choose out of six wheels the one (or two, or three ...) that suits your driving style best.

In fact, it is three different wheel shapes (round, closed-d and open-d), each with a diameter of 330 mm, in either "premium leather" or suede. Additionally, thanks to the same mounting functionality, you can mix and match each Asetek wheel rim with each of the two new button boxes. Prices for the wheels are between 119.99 and 159.99 €.

Six new 330 mm rims in the most common shapes complement the enlarged Asetek ecosystem. Image Credit: Asetek

For additional info on the new Asetek La Prima and Forte wheel button boxes, please watch our review video.

The Best Gear For You​

The button boxes are now available in Asetek's webshop. Or are you looking for a wheel, pedals, sim rig, or high-end shifter? Then check out our Hardware Review section where we discuss current sim racing gear of all sorts.

Are the new Asetek La Prima and Forte button boxes something for you? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!
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