Aston Martin F1 create a unique sim for Sebastian's home

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Aston Martin F1 team recently delivered a cutting-edge simulator to the home of Sebastian Vettel.

Being an F1 driver is a dream for many racing drivers and sim racers, and of course there’s always going to be perks. One of Sebastian Vettel’s latest perks is this amazing simulator based on an AMR21 R&D chassis.

According to the Aston Martin F1 website, Sebastian Vettel was unable to complete simulator time ahead of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. This new set-up provides Seb with an opportunity to familiarize himself with upcoming new tracks.

The decision was made to build a simulator during the latter half of the 2021 campaign, where the project would involve triple screens and physical parts from the AMR21

The simulator is fitted with Sebastian's race seat and headrest, which were used in the 2021 campaign and offer a realistic driver-view behind the wheel.

Design and construction took several months and was overseen by Senior Garage Designer Matt Tomalin. There was also a testing phase before delivery was made, with driver feedback and fault finding.

Pro Sim supported the project and supplied the steering wheel feedback systems and calibration of the braking system that mimics a F1 car’s set-up.

If they are using the Simsteering2 FFB System, then force feedback will be anything between 16nm and 26nm.

The result is a truly unique simulator that replicates the driver cockpit experience, allowing the four-time World Champion to extract every bit of performance he can prior to a race weekend.
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Safe to say there is no motion integration? Or am i missing something?
Absolutely not. Motion platforms increase immersion, but that's really about as far as they go. They do not at all produce the kind of life like forces or motion experienced when driving an F1 car on the limit, or any car for that matter.

Sure a motion rig can tell you when you're over or understeering, but it's not going to tell you in realistic terms when you're about to over or understeer.

Therefore that's the last thing I would imagine any real race driver would want in a sim - You'd be getting completely the wrong feeling and signals from a motion rig compared to the real thing.
In another level of seriousness..

Could it be that he is testing some physics add-ons before release...?!

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