Best Free Racing Games on Steam in 2023

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Everyone likes getting access to a game for free. But it is often difficult finding a game that won't impact your bank balance whilst still being a quality title. Here's your list for the best racing games on Steam for free in 2023.

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New racing games release all the time. But in a cost of living crisis, not everyone can confidently throw triple-A money on a little-known racing simulator. If, like the majority of the racing community, you're feeling strapped for cash but still want to get your hands on a new game, Steam may have some options for you.

Whilst there are some gems out there, many free racing games can leave you displeased. Here's a deep dive list into the best and top rated ones you might want to try.

GPRO - Classic racing manager​

A brand new title, having released in February of this year, GPRO is an alternative motorsport manager game. Originally, this title featuring classic formula cars released as a web browser game. Since, it has hit App stores having been converted to mobile gaming and is available for free on Steam for PC.

GPRO is a free motorsport manager game.jpg

Unlike the F1 Manager game that came out last year, this is a massively multiplayer title allowing players to embody the role of a team manager and go up against others in long seasons. Each season reportedly lasts two months in the real world with races taking place just twice a week.

This manager game is focused on car development rather than race strategy as one doesn't need to be present during the races. However, it is recommended to watch along with other team managers as you can discuss the event with fellow players online. A different take on the motorsport manager style, this free to play title is certainly worth a try, especially given its positive reviews on Steam.

Rekt: Crash Test​

Yet another tech demo that has become its own title, Rekt: Crash Test is a stunt driving game. Featuring many vehicle models and a large arena in which players must perform certain stunts, it is supposedly inspired by the likes of Rush and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series.

REKT test crash.jpg

The player experience is all about performing stunts and completing objectives listed by the game. Complete these by yourself or in a multiplayer environment, be it online or in a split-screen format. Countless PvP modes include capture the flag, infection and traditional races. According to the developers, the game has a player base of over 170,000 people. Along with its randomised challenge system allows for almost infinite playability.

Inertial Drift: Sunset Prologue​

Inertial Drift is a game that released on Steam in the Summer of 2020. A full-price title, it has a little sibling that was released prior to the main game and used as a tech demo. Getting players excited for the full game, Sunset Prologue features the same twin stick drifting mechanics which is sure to fry many brains the first time they try it.

Inertial Drift has a free tech demo with great playability.jpg

Akin to the full release, it looks great thanks to a cartoonish design style with smoke graphics similar to those in Need For Speed Unbound. The game is set in a so-called "90's retro future and whilst the full Inertial Drift has a 16-car and 20-track roster, Sunset Prologue gets two tracks and two cars. This small tech demo only features an online lap time leader board competition system, but the full game gets a PvP style race mode.

Stream Racer​

Built for online content creators, Stream Racer is a game in which streamers can set up their own races and have fans join them on totally custom tracks. Visually, one could compare this title to the popular mobile game, Crossy Road while the gameplay greatly resembles Marbles on Stream.

Stream Racer.png

Released in 2020, it has gained wide-ranging appreciation for its community-centric style. In fact, Steam reviews rate Stream Racer as one of the best free-to-play racing games.


Not strictly a racing game, Vecter is a throwback to the good old days of arcade gaming. Jump behind the controls of a flying vehicle and compete in this endless runner world as you do your best to set a high score. Do this by travelling as far as you can in the world without crashing into the many obstacles that stand in your way.


Tron-style graphics and simplistic yet fun gameplay are certainly the reasons behind this game's excellent reviews. It seems the Steam community is a great fan of this free-to-play title in which the player takes control of a vehicle. That's the definition of a racing game, right?

Which free racing games would you suggest the community tries out?
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As I remember faintly then NetKar Pro ended up being a free download.
Am I wrong?

Both GPL and NR2003 can be downloaded for free - but probably not fully legal:sleep:

LaterLaterLater: Sorry I didnt see it was only games from 2023.
I must be about going blind :sleep:
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A list like this not including Raceroom is kind of a joke...
It was included in the original draft but excluded as it's not very new and not very free either despite the few cars and tracks listed above. I still consider it a demo game which we have also not included together with other demo titles such as Automobilista 2, rFactor etc

You can blame me for the exclusion. Not going to list titles from 2013. We also didn't include Victory Age of Racing which is from 2016 already and free as well.
Thanks for this list, there are some interesting titles here to try out, especially GPRO for me. I was also wondering why R3E was left out, but most people on this website probably already have it, so no big loss I guess.
Its sad how the FPS genre is drowning in F2P offerings, but racing games are pretty much zilch.
Good point. That's a discussion we should post about soon I think. I am convinced still that a popular racing sim can be entirely free but yet fully monetized so the developers don't need to work for free or have to miss out on a meal.

More on this later!
This whole news snippet does not even belong on RD in my opinion. Nothing there would interest a sim racer. New or old. And Kenny is right, the only free sim is RRE. Yes it can be dismissed as a demo but if all you wanted was to race the free AI Cars for some fun now and again, it's free to do so.
not very free either despite the few cars and tracks listed above
You can set up a server and race online for free with the content I listed and it's still regularly updated and is a very different game from when it first came out.
Offhand I can't think of a racing game demo with the variety or functionality of Raceroom.
And if age is a problem then I'm in trouble. :p
Oh I am not saying it's a bad game. It's a fantastic sim. But it doesn't fit the free games article. You can't ride the same Free-to-Play train for 10 years in a row imo.

You can set up a server and race online for free with the content
I could do this with the RACE 06 and RACE 07 demo as well but we didn't list those either. :)
The game in the first picture, Copa Petrobras de Marcas.

Haven't played it too much since getting AC a couple years ago, but it can run on a potato and offers a pretty decent car feeling, all for free :thumbsup:. Great for dipping your toes into sim racing if you're on a strict budget and not sure you're going to like it
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I was waiting for the blurb on Copa Marcas since its the frickin' picture...

That was one of my favorite pieces of content in AMS1. I'm sure licensing has kept the content out of AMS2. Shame. Would have liked it more than, say, Mini UK or or all the club series in AMS2.
None of those game particularly caught my attention, even I being a lot more enthusiastic with arcade/manager racing games than most people here.

The Copa Petrobras for the other side is a funny case, because is pretty much a free version of the rFactor/AMS engine. With some thinkering you can even mod it. (but with the first AMS being so cheap at sale, you have to be really that cheapskate to do it over buying the main game).

I was waiting for the blurb on Copa Marcas since its the frickin' picture...

That was one of my favorite pieces of content in AMS1. I'm sure licensing has kept the content out of AMS2. Shame. Would have liked it more than, say, Mini UK or or all the club series in AMS2.

Even when the series was around, Reiza had serious problem with licenses, neither the official game or the AMS version had the correct drivers/skins of any season. For what I know, the serie was run by same people who runs the Stock Car and they granted what they could to Reiza, but their license for the CPM don't covered a lot of things like the drivers, cars brands or teams. After the serie died in 2018 likely made the licensing of the cars too expensive.
Have played GPRO since 2009, old school management/strategy game, with an active and helpful community. You can also join or create a team with up to 10 players to help each other and go for team titles and cups.

Very in depth for those that like analysis and some thought for longer term planning. E.g. I’m spending some seasons in the amateur level to rebuild my cash reserves and sponsor pipeline before promoting back up the pyramid.

If anyone needs any help, look me up in game. I’m the English chap in Tiger Racing.

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