OverTake and RaceDepartment become one – we first announced this fusion in early 2023. Since then, a lot has happened behind the scenes, so it is time for an update on what’s coming up.

For OverTake and RaceDepartment, 2023 was a big year, with both joining forces to form OverTake GmbH. The aim of the new company: Combining the best of both platforms to create one big, uniting home for sim racers and racing gamers around the world.

Throughout the year, we have united the OverTake and RaceDepartment teams to work on articles, video content, tournaments, and much more behind the scenes. All of us are passionate about sim racing and motorsport, with large parts of the team calling the virtual grids home for decades.

Thus far, both websites have been running alongside each other, although crossover between OverTake.gg and RaceDepartment.com has, of course, increased dramatically. Now, it is time to bring both platforms together.

On March 22, 2024, RaceDepartment and OverTake will make the transition from two separate websites to a combined platform under the OverTake banner. To achieve this, we will go into maintenance mode starting at 09:00 UTC, which we expect to be over by 17:00 UTC – so make sure to grab all the mods you might need on that date before maintenance kicks off!

Mods, Community & More​

Do not worry about them not coming back, however. Once maintenance is finished, everything will be where it used to be – and it will stay there, too. What is going to change for you from March 22 onward, though?

Everything that you enjoy about RaceDepartment will be there on the new OverTake website as well. Of course, it will come with a fresh lick of paint and a new URL, but RaceDepartment.com will redirect to this. Your user accounts will stay intact, as will your post history and comments.

The forums, though? Still around. Article comments? Of course they will still be there. What about mods? You bet! We want to continue being the home for our amazingly skilled and creative modding community and showcase their extraordinary work. All the Assetto Corsa cars and tracks, all Automobilista 2 skins, all F1 series MyTeam mods, and so much more are going nowhere.


We hope that the transition works as planned and without any additional downtime, but of course, you never know. Rest assured that we work hard behind the scenes to make the transition work as smoothly as possible.

If you want to stay in touch on other platforms, you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (or X, if you prefer), YouTube, Twitch, and our Discord server.

We are looking forward to a great sim racing 2024 with you – with more great things to come!

Team OverTake