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British racing car manufacturer and iconic 60s Formula One champions Brabham last week announced that they are teaming up with Base Performance Simulators. They are launching limited edition Brabham Motorsport racing themed simulators, celebrating three defining eras in the history of the Brabham name in Formula One.

Jack Brabham founded his own Formula One team along with Ron Tauranac in the early 60s, at this time Jack Brabham was already a two-time champion. By 1963 the Brabham team had managed to secure 3rd in the constructors championship and in 1966 and 1967 they won both the drivers and constructors championships. They continued with the success and won two more championships in 1981 and 1983.

Base Performance Simulators provides simulator packages tailored to the needs of each driver from its base near Banbury, just 20 minutes from Silverstone. BPS offer simulator sessions at their Warkworth premises, they manufacture bespoke simulators, and provide entertainment to corporate events.

Built on a specially-commissioned, rigid, powder-coated steel frame, the simulator boasts a carbon fibre, two-pedal box with electric fore/aft adjustment and a bespoke BPS carbon fibre race seat.

The Brabham Motorsport racing sim features the Precision Sim GPX Steering Wheel and runs a professional steering motor from Simucube. For sound and vision, it is supplied with a Cambridge Audio speaker system and Sennheiser headset plus a single 49” curved Samsung monitor with 120hz refresh rate, which creates a fully immersive driving experience.

The sim runs Assetto Corsa software and is delivered with all the car and track models that are used in the full-size single-seater and GT simulators at BPS’ headquarters in Oxfordshire. Car models are constantly updated in-house with real data and validated by professional drivers. Track models are also regularly updated to keep up with the subtle changes to tracks, meaning that anyone using this simulator to prepare for their next real-world race is right up to date.


  • BPS powder-coated steel frame
  • BPS carbon fibre, two-pedal, pedal box with electric adjustment
  • Simucube 2 PRO steering motor
  • Precision SIM GPX steering wheel
  • BPS carbon fibre seat
  • Samsung 49” curved gaming monitor
  • High specification gaming computer
  • Cambridge Audio speaker system
  • Sennheiser PC373D 7.1 headset
  • Installation and Delivery – UK only


The BT19 from 1966, is the car that Sir Jack Brabham raced to his third Formula 1 World Drivers’ Championship, and Brabham’s first Constructors’ Championship.

It was a remarkable achievement because it made Jack Brabham the first and so far only driver to win the world championship in a car of his own construction.

The BT19 sim reflects the green and gold color scheme of this pioneering era.


The BT46B, also known as the ‘Fan Car’, was introduced at the 1978 Swedish Grand Prix as a counter to the dominant ground-effect Lotus 79.

The design was so dominant, that after consultation with the sport’s governing body, the FIA, then-Brabham F1 team owner Bernie Ecclestone decided to withdraw the car from competition after just one race.

The BT46B sim brings the red, white, and blue of this iconic car back to life.


The BT52 was designed for the 1983 F1 season and took Nelson Piquet to his second world championship title at the height of Formula 1’s power-hungry turbo years.

What makes this car so remarkable is that Gordon Murray and the design team had only six weeks to design the car after the FIA banned ground-effect cars late in 1982, meaning that the planned BT51 could not be raced. Piquet made superb use of the mighty BMW-powered BT52, which boasted in excess of 1200bhp in qualifying trim, to defy the odds and score three victories on the way to the title.

The distinctive blue and white livery sets will make this sim the centrepiece of any area.
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Lot of money just to play AC.
Even worse, it's actually running ACC in the promo shot, the most basic of all racing sims. If only there was a sim that shipped with the BT46 out of the box and had a BT52 appearing in the near future. ;)
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Perhaps now is a good time to go public with my exclusive project I plan on proposing to Haas F1 on a rig that will include a custom built PC that is on par in competences as the current F1 team from the country that brings you NaScaR, a one-of-a-kind monitor stand, a beverage cooler for those champaign celebrations (that never happened), a space heater for winter and a small fan for summer (or can be used for wind simulation) your very own crew chief (I find his setups are no worse than mine) all for a fraction of 25k. For an additional cost I will personally shake the seat to simulate motion, storm sump pump sold separately, all shipped directly from my basement.
All kidding aside, the Brabham units look cool but for that kind of money I would expect more.
For that money you could get a track day car (old Elise, Caterham or similar) and several sets of tyres/pads and other consumables..
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That must be as popular as the toilet paper isle when you get a free supermarket trolley dash.

I can imagine a poll of 100 sim racers, what would your dream rig comprise of with that amount of $, and surprised if even one splashed it all there.
That must be as popular as the toilet paper isle when you get a free supermarket trolley dash.

I can imagine a poll of 100 sim racers, what would your dream rig comprise of with that amount of $, and surprised if even one splashed it all there.
To your point I just configured a sim rig with triple 48" monitors SimCube DD, hydraulic pedals, PC etc.. top of the line stuff and had $11k left over to buy DBox components to make it a motion rig.
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" 1966 and 1967 they won both the drivers and constructors championships. Though never winning a championship again, their form as a top F1 team remained into the late 80s."

ummm, 1981 & 1983 F1 Drivers Champions
Since always. Jack Brabham was Austrlian, but the company Brabham was always based in the UK. Probably out of convenience.
Brabham Automotive is an Australian company founded in 2018 by David Brabham. This project is from Brabham Branding, which appears to also be connected to David Brabham but operates from the UK. The original "Brabham Racing" (Motor Racing Developments Ltd.) was based in Britain as you say, but shut down in the 90's.

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