CarX Street Confirms Mods, Liveries and Wheel Support For PC Release

CarX Street Confirms Mods, Liveries and Wheel Support For PC Release.jpg
Image: CarX Technologies
Take the drifting scene, mash it together with an open world and throw in a hint of the Fast & Furious and you’ll be somewhere close to CarX Street.

Images: CarX Technologies

With over 2,000 average daily players last month for CarX Drift Racing Online via Steam, the studio’s next project is perhaps worth a cursory glance.

CarX Street is an open-world racing game, that aims to fuse what made CarX DRO so popular – tuning, lurid slides and an active online community – with elements of popular titles such as Need for Speed.

Street was announced way back in 2021, and then been delayed on numerous occasions. A version was released for iOS devices late in 2022, followed by Android in February 2023 reaching over five million downloads. PC and console iterations are expected later this year.

CarX Street - if it looks like an F40, sounds like an F40, it probably is an F40.jpg

CarX Street - if it looks like an F40, sounds like an F40, it probably is an F40...

When it hits PC, initially, this will be in early access.

The CarX series hinges around the modified car scene, with a slew of unlicenced vehicles which are, for the most part, instantly recognisable.

'Street' is set in the fictional Sunset City, which is 40km2 before a Mountain Area was added later – which is also confirmed to be included on PC from day one.

The Jump From Mobile To PC and Console​

In a recent question and answers round-up, creators CarX Technologies confirmed that mods are expected to be supported post-release. Drift Racing Online currently uses sources such as Steam Workshop integration to service mods, plus many Discord communities sharing fresh add-ons.

Being able to edit and share livery designs is also due for some time after the initial launch. Yet, seemingly sooner rather than later as one of “the first updates after the release,” reads the developer update.

PlayStation and Xbox consoles are expected to be sorted too, arriving after the early access PC launch, but hopefully before the end of 2024 according to the team:

“We are working on it and according to our estimates, all base work will be done till the end of the year.”

CarX Street on PC Gameplay 02.jpg

Earlier this month, the ability to create private lobbies was added to the mobile edition, a feature that will also be present in the PC launch.

Other changes, mobile vs PC, include ‘enhanced’ graphics, support for a range of steering wheel peripherals and removing microtransactions.

An exact release date is not yet known, we’ll be back once it is confirmed, and gameplay footage is released.
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Whilst it's great for another developer to be on the scene...

This seems that it has all the hallmarks of what people are looking for in a Forza or AC drifting experience and little else... AC was made by it's racing cars and modders have made drifting more popular with it over the years... But it's main calling card was always the racing bred cars on racing tracks...

I don't know if I'll try this or not... Might be an interesting alternative to Forza Horizon, might also be a hard one to get into during Early Access...
Last edited:
Anyone tested this one? Interested physics wise how it feels to throw the cars around.
I used to play the first one on mobile 4 years ago, physics wise it was quite good for a mobile game, better than any other one I played, not sure how this will translate on PC

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