Circuit Superstars Confirmed for Steam Deck

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One of the most fun racing titles of recent years, Circuit Superstars, has been verified for use on Valve's Steam Deck.

Valve's Steam Deck is a portable gaming device designed to bring as much of the PC gaming experience as possible to the palms of our hands. More titles are being verified each day for the newly released platform, and the latest is a favourite among racing game fans: Circuit Superstars.

Developer Original Fire and publisher Square Enix have confirmed via Twitter that their top-down racing title has been verified for use on the Steam Deck. This means players will get to pack all of the fun and challenge of the game with them wherever they go.

Circuit Superstars was a surprise hit when it released last year. Canadian indie game developer Original Fire Games partnered with Square Enix to release the title, and it quickly rose to fame thanks in no small part to a Top Gear sponsored tournament featuring some huge names from the world of auto racing, who each tried to set the fastest lap time in the game.

CS's popularity has sustained well, as players commonly report the huge fun factor of the title. This success has led to the title being released across a variety of console platforms. Steam Deck is the latest way players will get to enjoy the title.

Do you plan to own a Steam Deck? Let us know which games you might play by sharing a comment below.
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I think the Steam Deck will go the way of the Stadia. There's a lot of a games you play on a PC to get the PC experience, not a handheld. I've played Xbox Game Pass on my tablet and that's actually a pretty good experience, all I had to do was pair the xbox controller and I'm playing Forza 5.

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