Circuit Superstars Spring Patch Released on Steam

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Circuit Superstars has been updated to version 1.3.1 on Steam, and the update brings improvements to physics, custom lobbies, new content and more.

The impressive pace of the post-release improvements for Circuit Superstars has continued into 2022. Developer Original Fire Games has released a large update to the title on Steam.

Among the many changes that come with this Spring patch, Original Fire has packed in improvements to the driving physics, designed to enhance close racing action by changing how the cars react to outside forces.

An understated but significant update to the online screen was also put in place with the new Create Online Lobby button. This of course allows players to create their own online racing sessions, which should open the door to leagues and give more opportunity to create fun sessions with friends.

Also part of this update are a new car and two new tracks. The road rebel touring car is now available in game, along with the Thunder Point track and Speedopolis oval.

There have also been a number of improvements and bugfixes released as part of this Spring update:
  • Fixed some issues with disconnecting / reconnecting to lobbies.
  • Penalties now appear correctly online.
  • Added specific reverse cameras to all tracks as in some cases cameras behaved weirdly on reverse layouts.
  • Various UI bugs in the Front End.
  • Some modal dialogues had "-" instead of appropriate text.
  • Removed large black borders in split screen.
  • Addressed an issue where the game would stutter while saving a new Time Trial time.
  • Loading screens are now black instead of white
  • Fix an issue where music volume setting was not respected
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I‘ve been busy setting up my new sim-rig today, but I‘m really looking forward to having a bash at this update tomorrow.
Impressive improvements! This little racer is a must have.

I really like the real-like inspired circuits, like the Road America, Indianapolis, Imola, Glen, Hermanos Rodrigues, Estoril... they nailed it
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I Love it. Makes mee feel king nailing just a few corners in a row.
Then it makes you feel like Nikita Maze-spin on the next corner as one small error on corner entry makes all that hard work to get to 2nd fall apart and you find yourself running 6th.

This update has really improved the door to door paint trading aspect making for a far more intense racing experience - it‘s a lot more forgiving with car contact affecting the handling meaning way more fun and tighter racing.
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