Community Showcase: Send Us Clips of Your Best Overtakes!

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Battling for position has to be one of the most exciting things in sim racing: Chasing your opponent for laps on end to finally find a gap and pull off the overtake - it hardly gets more satisfying than that in a clean on-track tussle. This is why we want to shine the spotlight on the best passes of our community!

Public lobbies, leagues, competitions, offline AI contests - there is a ton of racing happening in the virtual world. As a result, only a tiny fraction of the great passes that are being pulled of in them actually get the spotlight. We want to see what we are missing out on!

Your Clips in the Spotlight​

Similarly to our Show Us Your Best DIY Hardware Projects article, we are looking for those outside passes, courageous sends in corners that do not normally lend themselves to overtaking, or the conclusions of lap-long door-to-door battles with your opponents to showcase them in a separate article later on. That way, your manoeuvers get the attention they deserve.

Head to the Forums!​

Simply head to the RaceDepartment forums to post your clip to the thread we have created for this purpose, and feel free to include some context as well - if your spectacular pass around the outside won you the championship, we want to include this fact in the showcase as well.
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