Confirmed: Assetto Corsa 2 Will Be Called 'Assetto Corsa Evo'

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Images: Kunos/505 Games, plus in-game taken by OverTake
The name of the ‘second Assetto Corsa’ is believed to be ‘Evo’, following a teaser inside Competizione’s Nürburgring Nordschleife DLC.

UPDATE April 2, 2024:
A day after the ACC Nordschleife release, the new name for the highly-anticipated successor has been made official via the official Assetto Corsa X account. A post on the social media platform confirms that the new title is indeed going to be called Assetto Corsa Evo. The newsletter subscription widget now also works.

Original article April 1, 2024:

Today is the day, for April Fool’s jokes – although 505 Games and Kunos Simulazioni didn’t get the memo, as they released the 24H Nürburgring Pack for Assetto Corsa Competizione and the name for its next project.

Assetto Corsa Evo.

Assetto Corsa Evo 2024 Competizione.jpg

The mysterious banner in the new Nürburgring 24H layout within Assetto Corsa Competizione

When driving the Nürburgring 24H layout in the new DLC, on the Grand Prix Loop on the outside of the Michelin-Kurve you will see a billboard. It displayed ‘2024’ in large font, followed by a QR code.

Scan that with your phone and you are taken to a landing page for ‘Assetto Corsa Evo’ with the tagline “driving simulation evolved.”

Assetto Corsa Evo QR Code Competizione.jpg

Scan the QR code to visit the new 'Assetto Corsa Evo' website

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While Evo is believed to be the designated title for the much-anticipated sequel to the 2014 driving simulation, Kunos nor 505 Games was able to confirm at this time.

Not much else is known at this point, other than financial documents as recently as last month slating the next Assetto Corsa game for a PC early access release in Summer 2024, and prior statements confirming a console launch later.

Assetto Corsa Evo Newsletter.jpg

“The new Assetto Corsa is going to follow what we did with Assetto Corsa 1,” said Executive Manager at developer Kunos Simulazioni, Marco Massarutto, to OverTake in March.

“Yet, it is not just a sequel, it is much, much, more. It’s definitely not a spin-off like Competizione.”

The countdown begins...

Let us know your wildest theories in the comments below or on X, @OverTake_gg.
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I wonder if they gonna support mods...
I bet my money on not supporting.
To be honest, I believe that it'd be a big mistake to exclude modders, there's already plenty of "run what we give you" games/sims out there, and, as Ian Bell has stated many times, GTRevival will be seriously modable and is also slated for a 2024 drop, that would put AC Evo on a back foot.
I wonder if they gonna support mods...
I bet my money on not supporting.
Do not know what for Kunos the most profitable direction is, maybe it’s micro transactions or whatever. But if wanting to stay in the lower Steam region like ACC/AMs2/RRoom then it’s matter of making an game like an closed oyster for modders, use fantasy names for cars and make tracks from countries that nobody cares.
I wonder if they gonna support mods...
I bet my money on not supporting.
The entire formula of AC was the support for mods. They know that if they don't allow track and cars modding AC2 is dead on arrival and they are going to loose a vast amount of money. They know their user base well, Competizione never supported mods because the title was meant to be an SRO simulator for e-sports exclusively.
I have only ran vanilla AC once by accident when i pressed play on steam. Otherwise always.. always with the CM and modded. If AC2 doesn't allow that. It'll fail, maybe not in terms of "fail" but live up to AC yeah it'll fail in that area. Reason I'm on this site. Reason I got in ACC and other games is because of AC and mods. I still play AC more than any other game. I can't see EVO being a replacement for AC unless modding is enabled.

Reading others comments gives me hope though. I see others feel and think the same as I do.
I like the sound of that. Was actually thinking about what will they call the new game, and Evoluzione would be hands down the best title for it. But I think there is already a mod with that name, it's an expansion over the career mode that basically turns it into GT4. So I guess they went with EVO, not to clash with the modders, which is kinda nice.
I wonder if they gonna support mods...
I bet my money on not supporting.
the modding community is what built AC. ACC was made to compete with Gran Turismo Sport and iRacing while at the same time using the game as a test bed for what will be ACE. Just because one game they made doesnt have modding support cause its a eSport games doesn’t mean the whole company is gonna ditch modding support.

Lets not make assumptions until we have a clear picture of what they wanna do….
Hoping that it will be a literal evolution. A modern in-house engine from a well established and laser focused sim house provides potential for a sharp departure from the 20+ year old foundations most every sim we love is built upon. Hardware utilization optimizations (read: using more than a couple cores/threads for a bulk of the work), big jumps in fidelity for core simulations, FFB, visuals and audio. The sky really is the limit and I will keep on huffing that hopium until we can get our hands on what they have been working on. As much as I love all of the sims we have access to now, we desperately need to break away from revised and re-revised engines that first saw the light of day a decade or two decades ago. Get the lipstick away from that pig and birth something beautiful for us, Kunos!
People keep hyping the modding community in AC when talking about what the new version needs to support. AC was created some time ago. Kunos didn't know what they had, so they put out what they could under the circumstances.

When they moved on, the modders kept AC alive by doing their thing. But this new version of the software may included all of the things that Kunos didn't do in AC. They may now understand what sim game players want and include it in the base game. Go look at any racing game that came out at the same time as AC and tell me they had all the stuff that people wanted. Some of the mods were nice. Most of them were really bad, especially the tracks.

No vendor has an obligation to provide a way for people, who didn't develop the game, to make money creating 2nd hand plugins. If they allow livery creation by end users, be grateful. Money is scarce these days and I wouldn't give the keys to the kingdom away again either.
None of us know their business plan, so it's wild wild guesses anyway. Competition is always good, so bring on a new title, time will tell a) what exactly it is and b) what a community that has changed considerably since AC was released, will make of it. I for one played about 15 hours of AC when it was released and never went back (too much hassle, I want to sit down, press one button and the game begins) but bought into ACC in early release and played hours and hours in various clubs and competitions, totally loved it. Let's wait and be excited for what EVO will be all about.
The 'EVOlution' of Racing Simulations maybe about to happen with ACevo:geek:....hoping anyway;).

While Mod support is great, the original AC will most likely always be there for up and coming Modders to cut their teeth on, so to speak, I would like to see ACevo to support Modding, But Modders have to submit their proposed Mod whether Track or Car for consideration into ACevo....just to keep the consistent quality and look of ACevo:).

Hoping for a fully featured and functionality, 'Screenshot Mode' with 'Time of Day' / 'Sun Direction' / Depth of Field' etc etc included....much like the original AC and BeamNG.:inlove:

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