Cube Controls create a unique steering wheel for Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series

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Cube Controls have announced that they will be collaborating as a technical partner with Mercedes-AMG Motorsport, where they have created a unique steering wheel for the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series.

The Mercedes-AMG Track Series is a limited edition customer sports car and celebrates the 55th anniversary of Mercedes-AMG motorsport. In-line with the 55th anniversary, the production is limited to 55 units.

Cube Controls has applied its know-how in the creation of hardware entirely dedicated to motorsport. The steering wheel has been exclusively developed for the GT Track Series, where the look, feel, and materials has been developed strictly together with AMG motorsport. The design allows for a wide array of adjustments, and numerous control opportunities.
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These things are madly overrated. Whats new compared to the allready existing cube control product line? Nothing but a Merc logo. Oh and a financial upgrade i guess… hope this marketing gets old soon and focus will be on fair and affordable wheels.
their simwheel series is driven by what sim racers whish
this design is driven by what real race drivers need ;)
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Having authentic mercedes manufacturers logo in my simrig - tick.
Having game controller manufacturers logo in my mercedes - cross.
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