Dakar Desert Rally Free On Epic Games Store Soon, PC Patch Here

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The news follows the initial cessation of post-release support for Dakar Desert Rally, then a U-Turn and now a free giveaway.

Good news for those persevering with the Dakar Desert Rally, as a patch for PC players has arrived.

Arriving today, 12th February 2024, a ‘stability update’ is now queued for download. According to developer Saber Porto, it focuses on “reducing crash rate issues in single-player and multiplayer modes, as well as on loading screens from the Roadbook Editor and Replay Mode.”

The full, and minuscule, changelog is listed below for the hotfix.

In January, following the release of a USA DLC map, it was announced that no further support was planned for the official game of the Saudi Arabia-based rally raid. This decision was then reversed just over a week later, with updates to be published if they were to amend ‘stability issues’.

Dakar Desert Rally Free Epic Games PC Patch

Dakar Desert Rally Free On Epic Games Store​

The game, which features a Forza Horizon-aping open world ‘sport mode’ alongside more ‘serious’ options that more closely resemble the real-world event will also be soon free.

Between the 15th and 22nd February 2024, PC players will be able to download it for no charge via the Epic Games Store. Art of Rally was handed out in a similar promotion earlier this year.

Will you be adding Dakar Desert Rally to your collection? Let us know in the comments below.

Dakar Desert Rally PC Hotfix, 12th February 2024, changelog​

  • Resolved an issue that was contributing to a gradual escalation in the frequency of crashes, ensuring a more stable and reliable performance.
  • Adjusted the bike’s engine sound during the race
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