Daniel Ricciardo to Make F1 23 Debut on August 29th (Updated)

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As August draws to a close, F1 23 is due one more update, and likely a more substantial one than previous patches. What exactly v1.1 is going to include is not yet known, but it looks like the return of a fan favorite is going to be part of it.

Update: The patch has been announced to drop on August 29th!

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After terminating his contract with McLaren a year early in 2022, the Australian initially was not on the 2023 Formula One grid, instead taking over third driver duties for Red Bull Racing. Fans would not have to do without the popular Perth native for long, though: Alpha Tauri rookie Nyck de Vries got shown the door ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix, and the "Honey Badger" took over the Dutchman's seat.

This was made public on July 11th, not even a month after F1 23's June 16th launch. Despite multiple updates since then and Ricciardo's driver model having been in F1 22 (assuming compatibility), fans are still waiting for the eight-time Grand Prix to make an appearance in the current F1 game. Their patience should be rewarded with the next update, though, as an X (you know, Twitter) teaser implied.

Where Does Ricciardo Rank?​

It looks like virtual Yuki Tsunoda is finally getting a new teammate, then. Currently, de Vries is still in the game as the worst-rated driver, somehow managing to lose a point in his racecraft rating with last week's updated driver ratings. That's what not racing in a Grand Prix for a month and a half does, we guess.

Ricciardo boasted a 79 overall rating in the final driver ratings update to F1 22, which would put him on par with his McLaren successor and rookie Oscar Piastri and firmly in the bottom tier should this carry over. The Australian is yet to score points as he finished 13th at the Hungaroring and 16th at Spa-Francorchamps since returning, so finding out where Ricciardo is going to rank among his peers in F1 23 should be interesting.

More Non-Cosmetic Issues to Be Fixed?​

Apart from the re-addition of Ricciardo, a few more fixed issues are on the list to be fixed with the next patch. Stricter corner cutting rules will be implemented in Ranked races, other fixes are mostly cosmetic in nature - such as improvements to photo mode elements not working properly, all drivers wearing black suits when racing with Equal Performance enabled in Grand Prix in F1 World, and missing Podium Pass Series 2 images being added.

More important issues are still being investigated, but as there is still time until the update drops, some of them might still find their way into the next patch - most importantly the issue of FFB loss on certain wheels, which we have highlighted already.

Until the update drops, players can try their hand at the Miami Grand Prix scenario, which is now available in F1 Replay mode.

Your Thoughts​

What do you think about Ricciardo's return to the F1 game series? Where should he be ranked? Let us know in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


Skimmed title and thought it was belated real world news.

Cannot quite fathom Codies.
Amateur modders are able to replace a driver name, suit and 3D face in less than a single day.
And cars and tracks are similar in that way due before real world events.

Maybe Codies are too big with too many chefs in the kitchen?
Or maybe rather part of planned baiting to reach as wide as possible, running on fumes? Betting that a starving herd will come running to the trough?

I don't get them.
Fun fact: Ricciardo's model is already in the game, as well as entire 2022 grid, due to being needed for Breaking Point story. Adding him to current roster is a matter of changing one line of code, and there was a mod that allowed you to do that on your own.

Even funnier fact: his face was updated for F1 23 along many other drivers, even though he's not on this year's grid.
That's the difference between contractual obligations and customer satisfaction. Although the games sell well, don't they? Hardcore Simracers just aren't their target audience.
infact i dont want a hardcore sim, i just want a GOOD game

i just want F12013 but with 2023 cars,
Classic Tracks & Classic Cars, career features of MotoGP 2015 (The motorhome thing), Menus that don't look like WINDOWS 8, Themed Original OST, like the old games (2012 & 2013 best), Get rid of Battlepasses or DLC ****, A very easy to mod game to increase product life, and the atmosphere and visual spectacle of GRID

Physics? F1 2013 or 2014 (Is not realistic) Who cares?
I wanna have fun not to roleplay being a F1 driver on my lonely musky room
I Was going to say Better tracks like Nürburgring, Turkey, Malasia or Indianapolis but HEH, that depend on real life
Well, he just broke his arm, so he might have been put in the game prematurely... Liam Lawson might have a few more turns behind the wheel.

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