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As our readers may know, a couple months ago our esteemed staff and community members Ole Marius Myrvold and Jack Hintz jump-started the popular RaceDepartment Rally Championship for DIRT Rally 2.0 after a 4-year break.

The series has always been a huge success among the drivers, due to its impeccable organization, great events and strong sense of professionalism. Open to both premium and non-premium RD members, it promotes hard and fair racing and requires, as always when it comes to rally driving, a spirit of adventure and desire to have pure fun from the drivers, not just on track but also off-track, discussing stages, incidents and the unexpected that is the constant of rallying.

Personally, I think that what has made people committed to this great championship during the years is the genuinity of it. @Ole Marius Myrvold and @Jack Hintz in primis spare no effort in the work they put in the organization of the events, both before and after they have taken place. Alongside him, people like @Daniel Monteiro and @Michael Nelson give their hard support to make sure that this championship is not just fun but pure enjoyment. Even custom number plates, in order for the participants to add them to their custom liveries, have been provided!

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I don't know of any series that even makes its own written publication, result of Jack's hard work, publicizing the events and the drivers that took part in it. From going back and narrating the frantic episodes that unfolded in the competition, to interviewing the drivers, giving tips and tricks, providing stage maps and time results, this magazine is a work of art and you may be excused to think that it is something you may find for sale on a newsstand. Instead, you can have your copy for free here on RD, gently offered by the Rally Championship organisers!

The latest issue, New Zealand, is available here, while you can find the previous issues at the following links:
There are still two events to take place, and we'll be sure to provide their issues to you as soon as they're out! Have fun, enjoy your read, and see you in New Zealand.

For more information about the RD Rally Championship, visit the dedicated forum.

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This is quite incredible stuff! So professional looking & really interesting to read. This might replace my book at bedtime now! It’d love to do this for other sims. Bravo guys!

Thanks for the kind words :) It's really a massive motivational boost to read feedback :D

I cant even imagine how long that took to build and structure the magazine is lovely and very welcomed, outstanding!

I can't either. I know that I spend 20hrs each week (on avg.) on the championship. But that's just me. Doesn't include the stuff that Daniel writes, or the time he spends proof-reading and fixing. Nor the time Jack uses to put it all together. It is really cool to see the plain text files I make, and the picture-dump I give, be transformed into something like this!

I really loved the magazine, It is incredible what you guys managed to achieve! Thanks for the dedication and hard work!

Thanks! :) It can be draining, but the end result is very often worth it :D
Your passion and love of labor shows in every angle but unfortunately DR 2.0 is way dead for me. Tried to convince my self to give it another try but it isn't actually interesting for me anymore. Lost contact with it in the first 150Hours or so... compared to the 1000+ i have on DR 1! DR 2.0 is my to relax rally game with my fav cars in a stage now and pretty much thats it! Oh god way too of topic! :p
Indeed the magazine deserves a lot of praise, it really is something special and it adds a lot to the immersion factor. In fact the whole RDRC organization is out of this world, I'm really glad I could join in on the fun this season!

Ole even volunteers to create custom liveries to the clueless and lazy enough drivers that use default in game liveries :D (I'll post a screenshot in the rally world thread soon I promise :redface:)
Ole is a living legend, on top of making liveries for us lazy ppl and organizing races, he does also this. Massive respect mate. Shame I could never get into DR 2 it just never clicked for me, but I will make sure I give these a read. :thumbsup:
Ole is a living legend, on top of making liveries for us lazy ppl and organizing races, he does also this. Massive respect mate. Shame I could never get into DR 2 it just never clicked for me, but I will make sure I give these a read. :thumbsup:
Agreed, our Pinky is a bit too modest for all the hard work he, Jack and also Roy do and have done in the past around here. I hope this frontpage article also serves a bit of a virtual statue for all the hardwork they have done.

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