Do You Change Wheels for Different Cars?

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Do you use different wheels for different cars?

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The amount of choice when it comes to circuits and cars is one of the elements that makes sim racing amazing. Similarly, hardware is not limited to just a few options anymore, unlike a decade ago, and as a result, it is possible to match steering while size and shape to what you are driving – do you strive for maximum authenticity for each car or are you fine with one type of wheel?

Most modern wheels come in a Formula-style shape – F1 cars, prototypes, GT3 racers and even some Touring Cars have moved to a somewhat rectangular shape of wheel in recent years. Hardware manufacturers have followed suit, and almost all that produce wheels have some sort of Formula wheel on offer, some even incorporating big dash displays and more buttons than most sim racers could ever assign.


While it is possible to drive older cars with these wheels, of course, this does not feel quite right for some (including the author of this article). As a result, GT-style or even completely round wheels are a nice option for them to have and switch to whenever it is appropriate for the car they are driving.

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This is entirely subjective, as some prefer wheel rims with a small diameter, while others are more comfortable with bigger wheels. Others want to go the route of full immersion and match the wheel of the car they are driving as accurately as possible, even building their own versions including LED warning lights and functional buttons.

To Change or Not to Change?​

Which side do you take regarding this question? Do own multiple wheels and change them regularly, or are you fine with one multi-purpose rim that you are simply the most comfortable with? Let us know in the comments and show your collections!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


I have a Thrustmaster T300RS with three different wheel rims. The Open Wheel Addon for modern prototypes, Formula cars, and GTs with Formula style steering wheels (BMW M6 and M4 GT3, Audi R8 LMS 2016 and newer, Ferrari 488 GT3, etc), the TM Leather28 rim for street cars, classic race cars, and some modern race cars that use round steering wheels, and the standard T300RS GT wheel with a Gran Turismo logo in the middle and Playstation buttons, which I don't use much anymore after upgrading to the Leather28. I have different profiles for my rims to cater to different classes of cars, using Content Manager for Assetto Corsa. Currently, my L28 has one profile for Street cars, and one for round-wheel GTs (GTR config, I like to call it, R for Round)
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Yes. At least for now. My f1 rim is loosing the left paddle, need to get new magnetic ones.
I only use one steering wheel and it doesn't even configure all the buttons, I don't like cars that are too modern
Vote after reading title: No, I most often don't change the default tire between vehicles, strange question

Vote after reading comments/article: Yes, what suits best for the car, same with H-pattern <> Sequential <> Flipper paddles.

F1 V2 + APM
McL. V2 + QR1
UH + CPM + 185mm D-rim or 320mm Sparco

*reading the title I assumed tires, not wheel rims

I race purely in VR... What I’m physically holding is totally irrelevant. :D

I personally disagree, racing mostly if not only in VR, change rims all the time
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I think at best you'd need 2. One you with craploads of buttons if you're doing serious formula / prototype racing, otherwise just a classic, round one that works with everything.
Yes, I have a round and formula/GT wheel. Neither have a built-in dash since I have a separate dash that can have the position optimized for either. I only use the H or sequential shifter with the round wheel.
Good to know I'm not the only one who does this, I use the sf1000 Ferrari wheel for GT3 and F1 style cars and my oval wheels for America Truck Simulator Ride 4 and MotoGP.
330mm Nardi for Drifting/Rally
SF1000 replica wheel for GT3/F1
I honestly have to switch or my brain gets in the way of everything :roflmao:
I drive about 50 different Championships with all kind of cars. Every race weekend about 45 min. Following the next series... so If i would change the wheel everytime i would become crazy. Clear answer NO and never will.
When I saw the title my first thought was - wire wheels on the TR3, chrome reverse on the 67 Mustang, mags on the '70 Ford....

But for the majority of my sim racing an oridinary steering wheel is quite appropriate. When I see some of these modern styles, with 1147 buttons, flashing LEDs, LCD screens, etc. I feel like i'm in a TIE fighter (I'd never remember all the button assignments, have enough trouble with the four on my current wheel).

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