EA Reveals Soundtrack: Here's Who's Going to be in Your Ears in F1 23

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Refined handling, a story mode, the all-new F1 World hub - and the return of a custom soundtrack: After introducing musical accompaniment of 33 songs in total for its predecessor, F1 23 one-ups the previous year's selection by assembling 35 artists from 16 countries, including Swedish House Mafia, Skrillex and The Chemical Brothers.

The lineup leans heavily towards Electronic music, with Swedish House Mafia being the centerpiece thanks to their single "See The Light", featuring Fridayy. " According to EA's press release, the soundtrack "combines sleek style with maximum torque to get drivers’ hearts pumping as they battle for a place on the podium."

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While music is likely going to be a side note for most players, it will no doubt accompany the F1 experience of many virtual racers for the better part of a year. “F1 23 speaks to more than just a remarkable racing experience,” said Steve Schnur, President of Music at Electronic Arts. “The music of the game is engineered to reflect and enhance the unique global style and energy that Formula 1 audiences crave. By launching with an exciting new single by Swedish House Mafia and the enthusiastic support of the entire album by Spotify, it’s a soundtrack fueled by the coming year’s best music, led by the genre’s top new and breakthrough artists, and defined by EA’s ongoing commitment to cultural leadership.”

F1 23 - Soundtrack​

070 ShakeCocoon (Martin Garrix & Space Ducks Remix)USA / Netherlands
100 gecs757USA
Anna Lunoe & Touch SensitiveReal Talk (Boys Noize Remix)Australia
Anna of the NorthI Do YouNorway
BAYNK ft. DRAMA1 ChanceNew Zealand
Catching FliesOiUK
DNMOSpeed of LightUK
FlumeGo (Otik Remix)Australia / UK
Fred V ft. HamzaaFreefallUK
Golden Features ft. RromarinEnditAustralia
Hot ChipEleanor (Krystal Klear Remix)UK / Ireland
J WaxOceansScotland
JADEDShow My LoveUK (Italian, Iranian, Jamaican)
Kx5, deadmau5, Kaskade ft. The Moth & The FlameAliveCanada, USA
LODATO x Ally AhernDon't CryUSA
LoveLeoAll Or NothingUSA
LP Giobbi ft. Little JetCan’t Let You GoUSA
Nicky Romero, EDXOut Of ControlNetherlands / Switzerland
RêveBig BoomCanada
Romy & Fred again..StrongUK
Skrillex ft. Noisia, josh pan & Dylan BradySupersonic (My Existence)USA
SOLAHEverything is PossibleUK
Solardo, Vintage Culture, LowesAdidas & PearlsUK / Brazil
Sophie and the Giants ft. MEARSYDNAUK
Swedish House Mafia ft. FridayySee The LightSweden
The Chemical BrothersNo ReasonUK
Tiësto x Tate McRae10:35Netherlands
TsebaWe've Got A Good Thing GoingAustralia
Unglued x Whiney x Lens ft. DoktorIf You Like ThatUK / USA
Wet LegToo Late Now (Soulwax Remix)UK / Belgium
Whyte FangTransport GodAustralia
Wilkinson x Issey CrossUsed to ThisUK

F1 fans can already familiarize themselves with what is going to be waiting for them once F1 23 releases on June 16th on Spotify, where the full playlist is already available on the music platform.

Your Thoughts​

Does F1 23's soundtrack fit your taste? Do you generally pay attention to music in racing games and simulations or do you even turn it off altogether? Let us know in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


"...led by the genre’s top new and breakthrough artists, and defined by EA’s ongoing commitment to cultural leadership.”

Wow, that should be a mandatory read for teenagers, just to understand how drugs can damage the brain. :D

The genre is... F1 music??? A whole new genre created by the cultural leader EA??? :D

For the translation "EA’s ongoing commitment" means "we put money in music, because we want you to know we're cool and to justify the high price of the game, but in reality we take some publishing rights to earn more money, still on your behalf, when you're going to listen to the titles on stream, especially on our 'partner' (client who paid us to make this advertisement to you), Spotify. We are the absolute cultural leader, be our puppet, uuups... our friend."

I don't have anything against EA in general, but this one is such ridiculous and embarassing. I can't understand how such a stupid statement have been able to slip out of the Press Relations. Just a bunch of incompetents, it happens to every company.
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I still play F1 97, and I still let the music finish before going to the session or switching off the PS1

I don't know if it's the same composer or not, but at the time the music was very catchy and certainly made on a ridiculous budget.
In my ears?? 'Iieeeeeeeeeeeee'. Fricking Tinnitus, dudes. :rolleyes:
I still remember that the first time I got really annoyed by a soundtrack of a video game was with a EA game back in the FIFA 20 when I noticed the game only had "west coast gangsta rap" bs.

Apparently, IF, I play this one I will have to do the same. I really miss the old times of the original songs in racing games.

also "commitment to cultural leadership".. ah... go F* yourself EA.
If you wanna give it a listen without the need to buy the game... here you go :)
As I wanted to know the advice of The "Cultural Leader" of the world, I listened to the samples of all tracks. Not my cup of tea but surprisingly, all of this tracks sounds absolutely outdated, from between 15 years and 20 years ago (even more for some tracks), except the overused autotune to cover the inability to sing, which is the only proof of modernity... well done "Cultural Leader"!!!

this is a soundtrack
and classic.....
even the one from Project Cars (same of gtr, gtr2, and PC 2)
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this is a soundtrack
and classic.....
even the one from Project Cars (same of gtr, gtr2, and PC 2)
Absolutely agree (even if I don't like the first one, but it has its personnality)!!!
And years ago, 2 very old games, GTA Vice City 1nd San Andreas, allowed me to put my mp3 to make my track list. Because it's too expensive to make a huge interesting track list (and Rockstar was using popular songs, not trying to become a song publisher to get more money). Their track list wasn't ridiculous like this one, but I wasn't satisfied and could put all my fav New Jack Swing and East coast tap fav song in San Andreas, and my fav Funk and Salsa songs in Vice City. This is what I call good gaming. Don't impose me your bad music you have interest in, make suggestions and let me chose what I like and put my songs (well, I don't put music in racing games except GTA because it's not racing, it's... GTA!). Racing has always mainly been associated to rock music (not in arcade games though), and now F1 is associated to generic electronic, without any genre, music. I never understood why it was initially associated to rock music (probably a US thing) but why now the opposite? I need an answer from the "Cultural Leader", I'm obviously uneducated! Thank y9u EA for your insight, my life is going to change, I'm entering ypur world of low cost recycled beats and untalented artists :D . The worst thing is thatvit is going to wash younger brains and they will really enter the "Cultural Leader" dimension...

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