EA SPORTS F1 24 Game Covers Unveiled Ahead Of Gameplay

EA SPORTS F1 24 Game Covers Unveiled Ahead Of Gameplay.jpg
The line-up is familiar, but the design is new. Perhaps more importantly, a 'reveal' is expected later this week.

The cover art for the upcoming EA SPORTS F1 24 game has been revealed – and it is a familiar formation.

The standard edition will once again welcome the faces of Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris. Only this time, there is more purple. And sparks, lots of sparks.

Fun fact: this is the first time since F1 2018 that both drivers and their appropriate cars are resplendent on the game’s cover.

Back then, Hamilton was also featured, alongside Sebastian Vettel and some young whippersnapper called Max Verstappen.

Before the 2018 season, Verstappen had won three grand prix. Fast forward to now, and that tally is at a staggering 57 (at the time of writing).

EA SPORTS F1 24 Champions Edition Cover.jpg

Consequently, last year, the record-breaking Dutch driver had the cover of the Champions Edition to himself, something that remains true for the latest instalment.

For those wondering, the picture was taken at the 2023 Spanish Grand Prix.

The specific version includes digital items over and above the standard version including (among other items) in-game currency (Pitcoin), three days of early access, F1 World boosts and two fresh My Team Icons.

These have been confirmed as:
  • 1976 world champion James Hunt
  • Seven-time grand prix winner Juan-Pablo Montoya

Gameplay Expected This Thursday​

What we know so far about F1 24 is that it will be released on 31st May for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It is set to feature a revised career mode and updated vehicle physics system dubbed ‘Dynamic Handling’.

EA SPORTS F1 24 artwork.jpg

But, at this stage, no in-game images or gameplay have been released – it's just the purple-tinged conceptual artwork so far.

This is set to change on Thursday 18th April, when a ‘reveal trailer’ is published.

We’ll be back to cover the more pertinent details then, for now, let us know in the comments below what you’d like to see this time around, or on X: @OverTake_gg.
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I guess the cameraman couldn't catch Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz to take their photos for the cover. (yeah I know Max is on the Champions edition one)

Should have been Sainz for Ferrari on the cover instead of LeClerc. Sainz is actually winning races when Max decides he needs a break.
Is it me or do they all three seem very disinterested. Maybe they just played the game.
Who cares about cover art, very few people are buying the box versions of the game
Last edited:
Who cares about cover art, very few people are buying the box versions of the game

I create Stream Deck icons. Before that years of touching up/redrawing emulation game/system logos. Otherwise this would not have crossed my path :)
Interestingly I only got my copy of F1 23 to recognise my wheel, wheel base and pedals at the weekend, it involved writing 3x actionmaps, 1 for each of these, just to get my paddles, wheel base and pedals to be recognised.

I bought the game last year, and gave up mucking about with it to try to get it to work, losing interest.

But picked it up again after seeing this post on Overtake.

It’s not really good enough that a user has to do further development on the game files to get mass market pedals, wheel base and wheels to work.

It’s only that I’m a dev that I understand how to do this stuff, your average user would never get these things to work… not everyone has Thrustmaster stuff EA !

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