Endurance Motorsport Series: A New Simulator That Mixes Driving And Management

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Endurance Motorsport Series is a new simulation driving game from the team that used to work on the WRC titles.

Imagine a driving platform that features prototype racing’s current top-class, official tracks, dynamic weather and strategy planning.

If you said, ‘yes, that already exists several times over’, then you’d be right.

But – a new game is just around the corner that is trying to muscle its way onto the grid, and it is called ‘Endurance Motorsport Series’.

Created By KT Racing​

The name sounds deliberately bland to appease lawyers. Mind you, translate it to French and ‘Série de sport automobile d’endurance’ sounds much grander.

Why French? This new endurance racing simulator is being developed by Kylotonn, or KT Racing for short, which has two studios across Paris and Lyon.

It used to create the official World Rally Championship games between 2015 and 2022 until that licence went to Codemasters and Electronic Arts.

Since then, it has been focused on the upcoming Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, but it turns out that the open-world Hong Kong racer is not the only title it has in production.

Endurance Motorsport Series Porsche LMDh

A Potential Le Mans Ultimate Competitor?​

Only a brief amount of information has been unveiled so far, but what we do know is that the Porsche 963 LMDh (or GTP in America) will be included alongside the Porsche 911 GT3 R. Classes include 'Hypercars', LMP2 and GT.

Based on long-distance racing, and we hope multi-class is included, the new game will see you drive around real-world venues. KT Racing states that “your race strategy and decision-making based on unforeseen occurrences (incidents, weather, etc.) will be just as important as your driving skills.”

We presume then, that there could be an emphasis on the managerial aspect of longer racers, and maybe doubling down on this element is this sim’s unique selling point compared to its rivals.

“Race as a driver, win as a team” is the tagline – how this vision manifests itself in terms of gameplay features is yet to be unveiled. The Steam pre-order page lists 'online co-op' as a feature.

Endurance Motorsport Series, Win As A Team

New sim racing platform set for 2025 launch​

Publisher Nacon refers to it as a “simulation”, we’ll see closer to release how serious this claim is.

Speaking of which, it is set for a 2025 launch on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S simultaneously. We’ll keep you updated as the development progresses over the next year.

Are you interested in a new sportscars and prototype sim racing title from a developer new to this sub-genre? Let us know in the comments below or discuss in the forum.
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Apart from the Isle of Man TT series, the only track racing Kylotonn have done before are Truck Racer (arcade) and FIA European Truck Racing Championship (semi sim?). And FlatOut 4: Total Insanity.
while I liked KT's WRC titles more than Codemasters's Dirt and WRC, after they left WRC Generations throttle unfixed, and a modder's fix was as easy as using WRC10 parameters, I just refuse to ever buy a game from them.
KT Racing? The company that have today announced that test drive unlimited won't now be released until 2025? Ha. No thanks.
WRC 7, 9 and 10 were fun to drive and had great stages.
But they kept having the same controls-related bugs at each iteration and never had any post-release support, that's the real issue I have with KT.

They also spent like 3, 4 or 5 editions of the game before they managed to get the manufacturer champ rules correct :p
Does the decision-making include making the decision to uninstall the game because you are sick of applying 95% throttle while the car barely accelerates at all because the devs have no clue how throttle models work?
But that's common issue. Only 4 games have correct throttle/engine.
Let's hope they actually listen to the community though all the WRC games,they never once did either updated it 3 times then moved on lets hope lol but they are doing test drive soloar crown too so wonder why it's not out yet then

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