Codemasters have released a new hotfix update to F1 2020, moving the racing title to build 1,17 update release status and adding a number of fixes and developments to the official Formula One game.

The latest hotfix update to make its way into Formula One 2020 has been released by Codemasters, as the development team behind the official Formula One videogame continue to mop up the remaining issues that have been reported by the large F1 2020 racing community.

This new build, marked up as version 1.17, adds a number of helpful fixes to various issues within the title such including unexpected game crashes, blue flag logic and points allocation amongst others - details of which can be found in the update notes from Codemasters below:

F1® 2020 PATCH NOTES - v1.17

Patch 1.17 is out now on PC, Xbox, PS4 and coming very soon to Google Stadia - and you can check out the notes below:
  • Addressed an issue where tyre temperature could be at absolute zero after re-joining a session.
  • Addressed an issue starting the game with a steering wheel plugged in.
  • Addressed an issue with countback and declaring a winner when finish a world championship on the same points as another driver.
  • Addressed an issue where the incorrect message could be displayed when overtaken in the safety car queue.
  • Parc Ferme rules are now correctly retained in Leagues after using split-weekends.
  • Lap counter will now show the correct lap in Spectator after a formation lap.
  • Addressed a crash when viewing replays of F2™ races after completing the F2™ portion of a career.
  • Addressed an issue where players were unable to join a Private League with an access code.
  • Addressed an issue where blue flags could be shown to all players if someone quit and re-joined on the formation lap.
  • Addressed an issue where the yellow flag message could persist after the Safety Car had gone on after a player had quit and re-joined a session.