F1 23 - Braking Point 2: So, How Did We Get Here?

F1 23 Braking Point 2 Devon Butler.png
Main antagonist Devon Butler returns as a driver for the team funded by his father. Image credit: EA Sports

The Jackson vs. Butler rivalry is set to enter another round in F1 23: Braking Point is back, and it highlights the careers of two fictional faces that should be well-known in the F1 game community already - but how exactly did Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler end us as teammates?

It would seem unthinkable after the events of F1 2021, but for the brand-new (and also fictional) Konnersport team, Jackson and Butler join forces. In the first part of Braking Point, Butler tried to damage the relationship between rookie Jackson and his veteran teammate Casper Akkerman in order to make life for his own team at the time easier. Towards the end of the first iteration of Braking Point, the duo finds out about this, however, and emerge as friends.

Should you not have played F1 2021's story mode before and do not own the game yet, there is no need to worry about how to catch up: F1 23's Braking Point 2 starts off with a look back at the story so far. At the end of the 2021 season, Jackson looks all set to sign with either Red Bull, Ferrari or Mercedes for 2022.

F1 23 Braking Point 2 Deep Dive 1.png

Konnersport is brand new on the grid for 2022, but faces problems in its initial season. Image credit: EA Sports

Unlikley Alliance​

As we get to know in Braking Point 2, this did not happen - instead, Jackson ends up at the newcomers of Konnersport, who are funded by none other than Butler's father Davidoff. Of course, this means that his son is in the other seat of the new team of principal and founder Andreo Konner.

Their rivalry continues, however: As in F1 2021's story mode, Braking Point 2 actually starts during the prior season, with Butler being openly hostile against Butler, the duo locking horns on the track several times - all in a season in which Konnersport is not off to a great start due to technical problems that continue to haunt their cars. And while the fighting between Jackson and Butler continues, Devon's sister Callie Mayer keeps making headlines in F2, potentially causing one of them to lose their seat eventually.

F1 23 Braking Point 2 Preview.png

Devon Butler's sister Callie Mayer might cause the rift between the Konnersport teammates to grow even further. Image credit: EA Sports

Interactive Drive to Survive?​

All of this is presented in documentary-style cutscenes, which feature more lifelike animations compared to F1 2021, in between races, likely inspired by the success of the online series Drive to Survive, which first aired in 2019. The on-track action has team radio calls as well as the commentary team of David Croft and Natalie Pinkham to contextualize what happens.

Enough of the story-spoiling, though: Braking Point 2 introduces decisions that are up to the player at certain points of the story, and they will affect goals in races, as well as the team's reputation and performance. Early on, in the role of Konner himself, players are given the choice on how to react to a statement hometown heroes Nicolas Latifi and Lance Stroll have made in an interview ahead of the Canadian GP, identifying Konnersport as "easy fodder".

F1 23 Braking Point 2 Preview 3.png

Players get to experience parts of the Braking Point 2 story in the shoes of Konnersport team principal Andreo Konner. Image credit: EA Sports

Players can choose to ignore the comments, or adapt a "we'll show them" attitude, meaning that in the race, beating both drivers becomes an optional goal to gain more reputation. Between races, players have access to a fictional social media network, a list of written news articles, and the email inboxes of the respective characters they are playing as at that point. This adds more depth to the characters - if you are willing to invest a few more minutes after each race to check these categories.

On the track, Braking Point 2 can be challenging and downright hard on the highest setting of difficulty, but luckily, there are three difficulty presets to choose from, all of which can be customized regarding driving assists. This way, F1 fans of any skill level should be able to dive into the next chapter of Braking Point.

Your Thoughts​

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Braking Point 2 story mode? How do you think the Jackson/Butler rivalry is going to play out once F1 23 is released on June 16th? Let us know in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


I'm likely to buy this game on one of last sales before it's de-listed. So summer 2024 or something, just to play the story!
Great idea and great idea. Same. I'm still racing F1 2019 for the career mode (I don't want to start over in a newer game). But in 2024, if I can get this year's Braking Point 2 story arc for $5 on sale, that would be a decent value. And if its significantly improved over 2019's game, it might make me more likely to buy the version after that.
Club Staff
Great idea and great idea. Same. I'm still racing F1 2019 for the career mode (I don't want to start over in a newer game). But in 2024, if I can get this year's Braking Point 2 story arc for $5 on sale, that would be a decent value. And if its significantly improved over 2019's game, it might make me more likely to buy the version after that.

I totally get that. I thought F1 2020 was quite good for a yearly sports title, and I really enjoyed MyTeam.
Bought 2021 on sale, and... played it 7 or 8 hours. I kinda hoped that MyTeam would get a nice evolution, but nah.

Now I fear it never will, EA does what EA does, and that's MTX and online.

Yes, I hope they add an option called "simulate race" to get into the next cinematic quicker! ;)

Haha, well. Interactive movies, it's nice to chill out with stuff like that now and then! :)
Honestly, I prefer that they include the graphic engine that they have been promising us for 2 years and the classic cars, this mode is not bad but it is not my style
Last edited:
EA is definitely marketing to a broader customer pool than ACC, iRacing, AMS2, etc. The story doesn’t do much for me however the game will have enough content that I will buy it.
Not for me, but EA knows its audiences. So, I guess with proper marketing and sales strategies, EA will make a nice profit from this.
"Devon Butler's sister Callie Mayer" - is she step sister? That's the only aspect which can potentially be of any interest
ea is the cancer of games!
After seeing what cancer did to my parents, I try to stay away from the word when not talking about things that actually slowly and painfully kill you.

How about we compromise and say "EA is the persistent blue ball of games".

(for those non-english speakers - and ladies - look it up and laugh)
Well, I haven't understand any of the story but it may get my interest if :

- I can insult and/or punch a rival after the race making accusations, being true or false ;
- I can be provocative or offensive when answering interviews ;
- I can put the responsability of my failures on the car and the team ;
- before the race, I can be involved in some verbal provocation with my rivals ;
- I can manipulate and traumatize this whole family, corrupting this Callie Mayer and making her become my teamate, but not being treated equally ; I only can get the last innovations on the car.

In short, if I can become the most hated winning driver ever. In real life there is already good competition for this title, so we should be allowed to go really far in badness and mediocrity. Well let's make some counterbalance by adding the risk of losing my F1 driving licence if I absolutely get out of control and become a danger on the track. Any other story would be boring :D
Part 2

Devon Buttlers sister stuns the world as the new F1 world champion.
After all, she is stunning and brave.

This years BAFTA winner ;-)
I enjoyed the story in F1 2021, while the game itself was utter trash. So I am looking forward to the sequel.
Movie industry will be terrified the next oscar will go to an EA racing game...
I thought we were on a website for simracing enthusiasts, not for kids looking for a substitute life

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