F1 23: Driver Ratings Updated, F1 Replay Launches With Bahrain

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After receiving an update with various bug fixes at the start of the week, F1 23 has now introduced F1 Replay, allowing players to tackle extra challenges from the real calendar, set to be updated weekly. Additionally, the driver ratings in the game have been updated.

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F1 Replay ties in with the real Formula One season so players can take to the grid of the real Grands Prix as any of the 20 drivers on the grid and see if they can recreate or change the course of the race. Starting with the Bahrain GP, a new event is set to follow each week, meaning new F1 Replay races are going to be added until the week before Christmas.

Scenarios are also going to keep things fresh: The first one involves Mercedes driver George Russell, and Fernando Alonso (July 31st), Valtteri Bottas (August 8th) and Osciar Piastri (August 22nd) will follow within the coming four weeks. To round out August, players will be able to face off against a Time Trial ghost of reigning F1 World Champion Max Verstappen in the new Pro Challenge. Other drivers are set to follow.

App-Controlled League Management​

Meanwhile, leagues can now be managed via the EA Racenet app, including creating, joining and scheduling multiplayer championships. On-demand league races can also be set up using the app, and telemetry available in the app is due for an enhancement as well so comparing time trial laps with drivers other than friends will be possible.

As the halfway mark of the real F1 season has passed as of the Hungarian Grand Prix, the driver ratings in F1 23 have been updated to better reflect the pilots' performances. Alexander Albon, Zhou Guanyu and Oscar Piastri have received the biggest improvement at 2 added overall rating points each, Daniel Ricciardo is not yet back in the mix after his comeback after the Hungaroring. You can find the full list of driver ratings including their range of changes below.

F1 23 - July Driver Ratings Update​

Max Verstappen95 (+1)8496 (-1)8597 (+2)
Fernando Alonso929993 (+2)7892 (-1)
Lewis Hamilton929795 (+1)88 (-6)91 (+1)
Carlos Sainz89 (+1)8491 (-1)79 (-2)89 (+2)
Charles Leclerc8978 (+1)91 (-1)86 (+1)90
Lando Norris8977 (+1)88 (-3)78 (-1)92 (+1)
George Russell8877 (+1)89 (+2)81 (-2)89 (-2)
Sergio Perez88 (-1)9194 (+1)8685 (-2)
Valtteri Bottas878885 (-1)9786
Alexander Albon85 (+2)76 (+1)83 (+2)77 (-1)88 (+2)
Esteban Ocon85 (-1)78 (+1)91 (-1)7684 (-2)
Pierre Gasly857888 (-1)7686 (+1)
Lance Stroll83 (-1)80 (+1)90 (-1)77 (-1)81
Yuki Tsunoda82 (-1)70 (+1)78 (-1)74 (-1)87
Nico Hülkenberg81 (+1)8678 (-1)8181 (+1)
Kevin Magnussen80 (-1)82 (+1)78 (-1)81 (-4)80 (-2)
Zhou Guanyu80 (+2)65 (+2)83 (+5)79 (+5)81
Oscar Piastri76 (+2)55 (-19)75 (+2)81 (+2)76 (-1)
Logan Sargeant7155 (+7)77 (-7)74 (-1)70 (+3)
Nyck de Vries70 (-1)56 (+6)83 (-1)7565 (-2)

Your Thoughts​

Are you looking to give the new scenarios and F1 Replay mode a try? What is your opinion on the updated driver ratings? Let us know in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


agree about Piastri but that's not the only problem here
take a look at Alonso's numbers for example :rolleyes:
The ratings are a joke and just show that the guys doing it have no idea about the sport what so ever...

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