F1 23: F1 Replays to Launch in July

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New challenges, new content: F1 23 is set to launch its F1 Replay game mode in F1 World, allowing fans to replay and re-write the events of the real 2023 Grands Prix as they happen throughout the season.

Just in time for the Austrian Grand Prix, players can take part in a hot lap challenge at the Red Bull Ring, which will award them the Red Bull Racing livery used at the Miami Grand Prix earlier in the season. Winning a bronze, silver or gold medal in the challenge unlocks further in-game item. Additionaly, all players to sign in during the Austrian Grand Prix weekend will receive Max Verstappen's Miami GP helmet to go along with the livery - both can then be used in F1 World and My Team.

Meanwhile, the F1 Replay mode is set to launch in July, providing players with new sets of challenges, scenarios and Community Grands Prix. This allows F1 fans to try and recreate - or re-write - the results of the races they have just watched, hopping into the car of any driver of the most recent race to see what they can achieve from their real-life starting position on the grid.

New Scenarios for Each GP​

F1 Replay will have new scenarios available shortly after each Grand Prix weekend, so players will have fresh content at their hands throughout the 2023 season. "We're always looking for more ways to partner closely with Formula 1 and the F1 teams, and F1 World unlocks that potential and enables us to create real-world challenges and reward players with free exclusive one-off itmes", sais Senior Creative Director at Codemasters Lee Mather. "F1 Replay is another huge step forward allowing our players to jump into the previous Grand Prix and re-write history by competing with an identical grid."

Your Thoughts​

How do you like the concept of F1 23 tying in with the events of the real season? Is this something more games or simulations should do? Let us know in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


I can't wait to reproduce a black flag :p

Of course, the game doesn't offer it.

Me : 1 - Replay mode : 0

For that alone, I deserve some DLC for this game, which I'll be offering to the RaceDepartment community.

If you EA developers are reading this post, I know you agree with me but your shareholders will say no. Too bad lol
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And New Challenges for Codmasters
ChatGPT: How to make a game after 13 years that won't break after a patch!
Of course, not only Chatgpt has the answer, but maybe they could use it!
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