F1 23: Higher Launch Prices, Pre-Order Discounts

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Formula One fans have to wait just a bit over a month to get their hands on the new official game, as F1 23 is set to launch on June 16th. If you want to enjoy the new, up-to-date game, you will have to use more budget than in 2022 - prices have increased in comparison to F1 22.

Pre-orders for F1 23 are already available, and they come with certain bonuses in some cases: Players who pull the trigger on Steam already will get a 10% discount on the Champions Edition, subscribers to EA Play save the same when pre-ordering the Standard and Champions Edition in the Microsoft Store and PlayStation Store, respectively.

With the discounts applied, the prices are in the same range as in 2022, but without them, it becomes clear that the prices have been raised by 10€ for the European editions. The US versions feature the same pricing in Dollar instead, as do the UK versions.

F1 23 - Prices​

Standard Edition: €69.99/£59.99/$69.99
Champions Edition: €89.99/£79.99/$89.99 (10% pre-order discount)

Microsoft Store
Standard Edition: €79.99/£69.99/$69.99 (10& discount with EA Play)
Champions Edition: €99.99/£89.99/$89.99 (10% discount with EA Play)

PlayStation Store
Standard Edition: €79.99/£69.99/$69.99 (10% discount with EA Play)
Champions Edition: €99.99/£89.99/$89.99 (10% discount with EA Play)

F1 22 was the first title of the series since EA Sports took over Codemasters in 2021 that clearly bore the handwriting of the publisher, and F1 23 is set to continue this trend. Features that have been announced are the return of the Braking Point story mode, an all-new F1 World hub, the addition of Red Flags and a revised handling model that should improve the experience especially for gamepad racers.

Whether or not the new features and improvements compared to F1 22 warrant the rise in price remains to be seen. With the release just over a month away, the first opinions prior to the game's launch should be available soon.

Your Thoughts​

Are you looking forward to F1 23? What is your opinion on the raised prices? Let us know in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


$89 for this game that doesn't even properly support PC features. They are just milking the same fools every year with just a few skin change a few driver name updates. Sad...

AMS2's choice of F1 cars and tracks is so much larger and better while being much more simulation focused FFB/physics at a much better price...
0 [copies bought by me] * £59.99 = £0

What would happen if the price went up to infinity? According to mathematicians it would be undefined. My strong intuition says i would still spend £0 on this EA product in this case.
60€ was already too much, for such a shitfest of a game the right price should be 40€ at best, robbing 80€ for a game that won't properly support VR, will have tons of bugs and glitches, will have not working SC, red flags will surely cause bugs that are beyond our understanding and still no anticheat nor a proper safety ranking system is just outrageous.
I'll probably just wait till it gets a massive discount at 15€ and I'll waste a few hours before stopping to play this **** too.
Or in this case maybe even no buy, or buy at a high discount only.

Source: me, who's got all F1 games bought on Steam sales.

F1 2022 was for my the first time i did't pre-order, and just purchased when it was on a high sale. And gonna do the same way with F1 2023. :)
I bought F1 22 for 9€ on discount on Steam and I still regret it because of the terrible physic. I at least used it for some online races with friends.
I really hope this one will get the on throttle behavior right.
As much as I like the F1 games for the offline experience, that's a hefty price for an annual release that is 70% reused content. I am sure not getting it for full price. First couple of months are usually bugged anyway, which is funny for a game with 70% reused content.

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