F1 23: New Scenario, Driver Ratings Available - Next Update to Fix Bigger Issues?

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The summer break is in full swing, but Formula One fans at least get a new F1 Replay scenario to play in F1 23: The Azerbaijan Grand Prix is now available for players to recreate the final 2023 F1 race to date that Max Verstappen did not win. Meanwhile, the update to v1.1 is due to launch in August still - will it fix some long-standing issues?

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The Baku event marked the first time Ferrari's Charles Leclerc took pole position in 2023, although the Monegasque driver could not convert it into a victory, finishing in third behind winner Sergio Perez and Verstappen. Players can choose to recreate the results of the race or change them by taking control of any driver on the grid.

Piastri Gains Driver Rating​

Alongside the scenario, new driver ratings have also been released. Unsurprisingly, Oscar Piastri has seen the biggest improvement of all drivers after his recent upturn in form. The Australian gained three overall rating points, while Lance Stroll has suffered the biggest hit to his overall rating, dropping to from 83 to 81. You can find the full list of driver ratings below.

Max Verstappen96 (+1)85 (+1)97 (+1)86 (+1)98 (+1)
Fernando Alonso93 (+1)999380 (+2)93 (+1)
Lewis Hamilton93 (+1)9794 (-1)89 (+1)92 (+1)
Charles Leclerc89789182 (-4)90
Lando Norris89778879 (+1)92
Carlos Sainz88 (-1)85 (+1)92 (+1)7988 (-1)
George Russell87 (-1)7790 (+1)8188 (-1)
Sergio Perez87 (-1)92 (+1)9487 (+1)83 (-2)
Alexander Albon86 (+1)7684 (+1)79 (+2)89 (+1)
Pierre Gasly86 (+1)79 (+1)89 (+1)77 (+1)86
Valtteri Bottas86 (-1)8884 (-1)96 (-1)86
Esteban Ocon857892 (+1)7684
Yuki Tsunoda83 (+1)71 (+1)79 (+1)7487
Nico Hülkenberg82 (+1)86788183 (+2)
Lance Stroll81 (-2)8088 (-2)76 (-1)79 (-2)
Kevin Magnussen80827882 (+1)81 (+1)
Zhou Guanyu8066 (+1)81 (-2)79 (+5)81
Oscar Piastri79 (+3)56 (+1)78 (+3)82 (+1)82 (+6)
Logan Sargeant7157 (+2)75 (-2)7470
Nyck de Vries705682 (-1)7565

FFB Fixes Overdue​

However, many fans of the series are likely looking forward to the next update more than a new scenario: Since F1 23's release, the updates advanced the version number by .01 to its current v1.09 state, so v1.1 should be a bit more substantial than the latest smaller patches. Owners of Logitech and Thrustmaster gear in particular are still waiting for fixes regarding Force Feedback issues of their wheels.

These issues have been around since at least v1.05, and are marked as being under investigation in the Community-Raised Issues thread that usually serves as a good indication on what is to come in future updates. The only bugs in the "Awaiting Patch" category at the time of writing this article concern blurry textures on PC and incorrect overalls on drivers when Equal Performance is active in Grand Prix mode in F1 World.

EA Sports F1 23 August Update 1.09.jpg

Difficult conditions for owners of certain hardware: Patch 1.09 did not fix F1 23's FFB issues, players are hoping for the next update. Image credit: EA Sports

Update in Time for Dutch GP?​

As we have argued before, the FFB issues should be high on EA's and Codemasters' priority list to fix, as a significant amount of Thrustmaster T300 and Logitech wheels are used by sim racers worldwide, which makes it a bit baffling that they are still waiting to have these issues resolved almost a month later - especially since "other various Force Feedback issues across multiple platforms" has also joined the list in the meantime.

A date for the next update has not been given yet, the thread does state that it is still due in August, however. The summer break ending on the Dutch Grand Prix weekend from August 25th to 27th would make for a good time for F1 fans being able to enjoy the game properly again.

Your Thoughts​

What are you hoping for in the next F1 23 update? Do you think it will drop in time for the Dutch Grand Prix? Let us know in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


I find it unfortunate on the part of EA that they have not given many people the Alfa Romeo skin reward for the Portuguese GP event, hopefully they will give it and make an apology for not having the rewards locked
FFB issues are also on Fanatec wheels .
Exactly. The FFB for me lasts 1 session, then its completely gone and that's with Fanatec CSWv1 yet all we hear is FFB issues for Logitech/TM. Honestly, I doubt this will ever get fixed at this point. I did refund so don't own the title any more, but would re-buy if they fix this. (By then, if it gets fixed it will probably be 90% discount anyway)
Ah guess I should hold off trialling this then...

Was going to give it a go on EA play this week, but if it's got issues with my wheel brand I'll wait until I see if it's fixed...
There have always been issues with FFB in CM F1 games. Even on gamepad you sometimes you lose it (often during a race even), F1 21 was the worst in that matter.
Club Staff
Charles Leclerc89789182 (-4)90
Carlos Sainz88 (-1)85 (+1)92 (+1)7988 (-1)

I'll freely admit that I don't quite understand this.
Sainz gain 1 point overall in Exp, Rac, Awa and Pac. But goes down in rating? While Leclerc loses 4 and stays?
So Sainz have more points in the four skills put together than what Leclerc has, but lower rating. Huh?

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