F1 23: Possible Improvements for Next Week's Update

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As Formula One has set up shop in Hungary, EA and Codemasters are working on another update for F1 23. After fixing a major bug related to equal-strength tire wear in v1.07, the upcoming patch does not have to tackle such big issues, but a few fixes that could be coming would make players' lives easier in a few game modes.

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Most of the issues that are currently awaiting a patch are not game breaking ones, but they have the potential to be annoying. The most obvious example is the hard tire compound being unavailable after sprint races in Two-Player career, limiting strategic options for the feature race. Issues with connecting to LAN lobbies should also be rectified in the near future, according to the Community-Raised Issues thread on the EA forums.

Smaller issues that might get fixed with the upcoming update include EA friends lists showing no entries if players have added a large number of friends, implementing the correct times of day for both the Bahrain and Saudi Arabia races, and qualifying practice programs being way more difficult than they should be.

FFB Troubles​

A considerably more sever issue affects players using Thrustmaster T300 as well as Logitech G923 and Pro wheels, who have reported loss or complete absence of Force Feedback. While the game is of course still playable without, this issue makes it significantly harder to control the cars and predict their behavior.

Currently, these issues are listed under "investigating", but since Logitech and Thrustmaster hardware is wide-spread and commonly used by racers, this should be the top priority issue to fix. They might be included in the upcoming patch if EA and Codemasters can find a solution in a timely manner - especially since more wheel-related issues have been raised, with Logitech TrueForce not being available in the Xbox version of F1 23 and "various Force Feedback issues across multiple platforms" being part of the ongoing investigations as well.

Your Thoughts​

What do you think about the possible fixes in the upcoming update? Let us know in the comments below!
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F1 23: released the new patch v1.08 with many bugfixes

Codemasters has released the awaited patch v1.08 for its EA Sports F1 23. Alongside a long list of fixes and bugfixes, the update finally implements the F1 Replay option within F1 World.

A new patch for F1® 23 patch (v1.08) has begun rolling out across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Here are the changes that will be made with this patch:

Addition of F1® Replay Event Type in F1® World
Addition of AI drivers to League Racing
Fixed an issue where, in some instances, unrealistic lap times could be set in Time Trial after triggering an Instant Replay. All Time Trial Leaderboards have been reset.
Fixed an issue where in Two Player Career drivers would receive an incorrect tyre allocation at weekends following one with a Sprint
Fixed an issue where Qualifying Practice Programmes would be much harder than other programs in Career
Fixed an issue where the pit lane speed limit in Jeddah was incorrect
Fixed an issue where some session start times were incorrect at Bahrain and Jeddah
Fixed an issue where 'Rival Telemetry mode' in Time Trial was not working
Fixed an issue where too many resource points were awarded despite the settings being set to 'reduced' in Career modes
Fixed an inaccuracy where the DRS light would be present on some F2 cars
Fixed an issue where DRS could be activated when behind another driver as soon as they leave the pitlane at Austria
Fixed an issue where timer may display incorrect time when spectating qualifying sessions
Fixed an issue where, in some instances, Invite Friends list would be blank when having a large number of friends
Fixed an audio issue where, in some instances, Max Verstappen would be given Driver of the Day instead of the actual awardee
Fixed an issue where the race engineer would be hopelessly optimistic
Fixed an issue where 'Resource Rundown Screen' would not show all earned Development Resource Points and Boosts in Career modes
Improved AI speed when set above 100 difficulty
Fixed an issue where players would be unable to join a LAN game
General Stability Improvements
Various Minor Fixes

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