F1 23 Rolls Out Latest Update Including First FFB Fix

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The latest update for F1 23 has launched, which means that Daniel Ricciardo is officially joining the game in place of Nyck de Vries, and the Singapore Grand Prix's layout has been updated. More importantly, however, several bugs have been fixed, including one of the several Force Feedback issues, in version 1.10.

Image credit: EA Sports/Codemasters

While some of the cosmetic bugs like a blurred view in distances where they should not occur, blacked-out sponsor boards at Singapore - which now sports its revised 2023 layout - or pixelated halo edges in certain conditions, some of the more pressing issues regarding FFB remain unresolved. However, EA and Codemasters got one of them out of the way: Logitech Pro Wheel users whose FFB levels were lower than they should have been should now be all set.

Users of Thrustmaster T300 wheelbases and other Logitech hardware like the G923 series are still waiting for their issues to be fixed, however, as the community-raised issues thread on the EA forums shows, alongside "other various Force Feedback issues across multiple platforms." Thus far, the frequency of updates has been decent, though, with them being deployed every other week at times.

Numerous other fixes have been implemented for various elements like system performance or car behavior. This update also introduces stricter track limits in ranked races. You can find the full changelog below.

F1 23 - v1.10 Patch Notes​

  • Addition of Daniel Ricciardo to Scuderia AlphaTauri and driver market*
  • Removal of Nyck De Vries from Scuderia AlphaTauri and driver market*
  • Improvements to the performance of McLaren to accurately represent the F1® 2023 season
  • Addition of F1® Pro Challenge event type in F1® World
  • Marina Bay Street Circuit (Singapore Grand Prix) has been updated to the 2023 track layout
  • Based on player feedback, corner cutting has been set to 'Strict' in Ranked sessions
  • Fixed an issue where a post process effect was causing blurring at mid to long range distances
  • Fixed an issue where sponsor boards would be blacked out at Singapore
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to connect to F1® World after joining a Ranked session
  • Fixed an issue where Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation would not work with HDR enabled in Photo Mode
  • Fixed an issue where, in certain conditions, pixelation could be seen around the halo in cockpit view
  • Fixed an issue where AI drivers can occasionally appear as DNF and achieve a unrealistic fastest lap time despite completing the race
  • Fixed an issue where force feedback levels were too low on the Logitech Pro Wheel
  • Fixed an issue where the F1® logo was stretched in spectator mode
  • Fixed an issue where speed line artefacts could appear when looking backwards during races in 'Very Wet' weather conditions
  • Fixed an issue where custom setups were still allowed even if the 'Preset Only' option was selected in Multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where lap or sector times could be inconsistent between different screens and UDP data
  • Fixed an issue where RPM lights would only light up red instead of multicoloured on Fanatec DD2 wheels
  • Fixed an issue where cars could collide in certain conditions during broadcast formation lap
  • Fixed an issue where all drivers of the F1® World Car would have a black race suit if Equal Performance is enabled in Grand Prix
  • General Stability Improvements
  • Various Minor Fixes

Your Thoughts​

What do you make of the latest F1 23 update? Do you like the changes to the Singapore GP layout? Let us know in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


i cant play in cockpit view because of the pixeleted halo edges and at night its worst they got to fix the bluriness also .
There is a file for FFB and I can tell you, that this file is still 100% equal to the previous patches. I wonder, whether they really touched FFB.
Any detail to justify your statement ?

I'm a big fan of the new layout in Singapore :inlove::inlove::inlove:
Now you need to make changes to Spa Francorchamps :whistling:
Last edited:
If it's still the same blurfest as all the 5 or so previous versions i pass (don't have DLSS 3.0). On my my triple screens it hurts my brain.
Been complaining about it at their forum some years in a row.
I gave up.. this graphics engine only looks great on a 27 inch 4k monitor.
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@ vee10 all camera mouvement are off i have a motion rig so they are always off but thanks
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I wonder if something similar has effected the Madness engine all these years...

It obviously wasn't the tyre sidewall bug that was causing floaty feelings for some and far too much grip for others... Whilst a minority got to enjoy something reasonably believable on PC...
Any detail to justify your statement ?
What detail do you want?
This file has not changed at all but it contains the scale, splines, ratio settings for ffb. Funnily it lists most wheels for ps4 platform still :D

Maybe Codemasters implemented FFB for wheels in a different spot additionally *shrug*, but this is the file I edit to get different FFB on track.
I can't believe that they still haven't got Liam Lawson in the game. It's an absolute disgrace. I have been waiting to play as him for forever. They have still got that other driver, Daniel Ricciardo in the game.
Completely unacceptable EA, sort yourselves out!

This is supposed to be written in pink text, but racedepartment doesn't have pink text so this is the best i could do.
Now they just need to fix the fact that the game still displays yellow flags and tells you to rescind any positions gained on a SC restart even though the leader has crossed the start/finish line and marshal boards are flashing green.
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What detail do you want?
View attachment 690970
This file has not changed at all but it contains the scale, splines, ratio settings for ffb. Funnily it lists most wheels for ps4 platform still :D

Maybe Codemasters implemented FFB for wheels in a different spot additionally *shrug*, but this is the file I edit to get different FFB on track.
:O_o: Interesting
A detail to refute it?
No I just like facts for a lifestyle ;) my question was a genuine interest :)
Thanks for the heads up, updating 4.54 gigs now. Hopefully it sorts out losing FFB when exiting to settings. I have to exit 2 to 3 times just to get FFB back. This issue came out of nowhere about 2 weeks ago for me.
The golden rule for those who want to play this game: wait at least 3 months to buy it. You’ll get it for a cheaper price and some of the zillion bugs will be corrected (But not all of them.)

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