F1 Manager 2022 Coming to PC, Xbox and PlayStation This Summer

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Formula 1's official team management game, F1 Manager 2022, is coming this summer to a variety of platforms.

If you've ever dreamed of calling the shots behind the scenes of an F1 team, F1 Manager 2022 might be the perfect way to live out that fantasy.

Formula 1 has announced that F1 Manager 2022 will be released this summer for PC, Xbox and PlayStation players. F1 Manager puts the user in the position of team principal, allowing us to make all levels of management, staffing and budgetary decisions.

Motorsport management-style games are popular within the sim racing and racing game communities as an alternate way to express our passion for auto racing. These games challenge players to make the right decisions off the track rather than on it, and it's rewarding to grow a racing team as a result of those decisions.

F1 Manager 2022 will be launched on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, the Epic Store, and on Steam. Steam users can pre-order the title now.

Join the F1 Manager 2022 forum​

The new forums for the upcoming Formula One management game has opened here on RD, click here to pay it a visit and start your discussions today.

Will you play F1 Manager 2022? Give us your thoughts on this news in the comments below.
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Who is it being developed by?

Frontier. The people behind Elite Dangerous, Planet Zoo, Planet Coaster, Jurassic World 1&2 and some other games.

I really want this to be good. Even though I run rF2 events here, and have been doing racing at RD for well over a decade, I am even more a fan of management games. 6 out of my top 10 games in playtime on Steam is different management-games (Motorsport Manager being on of them).
I am curious on how they will manage it, the advantage that GPM2 and GPW had was quite a bit of creative freedom, and an opportunity to put things in the games that probably won't be possible today. There was also more freedom in F1 at that point.

Took them long enough to properly announce it as well. This has been know since 2020 :)
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Quite excited for this not gonna lie. A great concept - I absolutely love Motorsport Manager and the Football Manager games - so seeing something like this get the official license is a good step I hope. And Frontier seem to have a pretty decent track record (pun not intended) so I'm excited to see what they can do with this.
I love manager games and I played probably all of the motorsport themed in the past. Plus about every other sport manager like Football Manager (despite not being a Football fan), or Icehockey Manger - you name it.
I would be absolutely interested but it would depend on how the game is structured and, ultimately, on the price. With an official FIA licence that could end up being 70 € (or more ?) and that would be a bump in the road. Not saying it wouldn't be worth it, but at that price I simply couldn't afford it.
Hopefully it manages to be a deep management simulation whilst still being playable like Grand Prix World, rather than turn out as another shallow mess like EA F1 Manager.
I seem to remember Grand Prix manager allowed you to make visual changes to the design of the car, so over time the cars looked different. I fear that this will be like the career mode in the codemasters games. same looking cars, teams, engines, paint jobs every year. With just the performance stats changing.

I can’t see the F1 license allowing any of that. But I hope to be surprised
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