F1 Manager 2022 free to play during Bahrain GP weekend

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The Formula 1 season kicks off today, and to celebrate, Frontier Developments is making its F1 Manager 2022 game free on Steam. The game will be available to play free of charge until March 6.

F1 Manager originally released to great success back in August of last year. Giving fans of the sport total control of a Formula 1 team, the title became immensely poplar at launch with influencers raving about it.

However since then, the game has consistently lost its player base. Originally sitting at around 22,000 players on the Steam charts in August and September. The game now regularly has no more than 2,000 players at one time. For a game supposedly looking to launch a yearly release franchise, these are far from ideal figures.

But with the new F1 season now here, the team behind this title are making it free to try over this first racing weekend of the year. F1 Manager 2022 will be free-to-play until Monday, March 6 and the benefits are already visible.

According to the Steam Charts, the game saw a 5% growth in player base compared to last month, certainly thanks to this major sale. Despite not being a significant figure as the game has seemingly gained just 65-odd players, it is an important development for Frontier. This is the first month since launch that the game hasn't lost players.

With the F1 season kicking back into hyper drive and fans looking for any gaming experience relating to the sport, the hype for 2023 will also be playing a part. In a post yesterday, we detailed all the big stories going into the first race of the year.

As well as being free to play for this weekend only on Steam, F1 Manager 2022 is available at a 70% discount. Those that try the game out over the next few days and enjoy it can therefore keep a hold of it at a much reduced price.

A 2023 edition of the F1 Manager game is set to launch at some point this year. Frontier Development will be hoping they can resolve its dying player base problem all while giving fans a reason to get the new instalment of the game. In fact, mods already exist for additional seasons with liveries and updated drivers. As a result, the new game will need more than just a skinpack if it is to sell as well as its predescessor.
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They announced about 5 minutes after launch they weren't going to fix any of the bugs and you were on your own.

Anyone who buys the next one without waiting a few months is probably asking for it.
Managing the current F1 is incredibly boring. As a game it's OK though. It ticks all the boxes. Maybe except from the color selections.
This game team would be much more interesting (having the base game for about 2 or 3 years), and just activating the season as DLC (with a lower price).

This same system could also be used with other (official) games that simulate the World categories annually. Examples would be F1, Nascar, Moto GP, WRC and those coming this year BTCC, Indy, WEC.

It would be much better for everyone (developers and purchasers), a base game for (2 or 3 seasons). The best example would be the "Race Room" simulator, a "base game" and we have the DLC ( DTM, WTCR, ADAC GT Masters ), but it could have a little lower price

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