F1 Manager 2022 Releases Baku Teaser Images

F1 Manager 2022 Baku Teaser.jpg
F1 Manager 2022 is set to be released this summer, and developer Frontier has shared some teaser images on Twitter of the Baku circuit.

F1 Manager 2022 is likely going to be the go-to title for sim racers to pass time in between sessions in our respective rigs.

F1 Manager 2022 is the officially licensed Formula 1 team management title set to be released this summer across most major platforms. The game allows you to control most of the major aspects of a racing team, including its finances, personnel and R&D.

Developer Frontier has shown some early images of the Baku circuit, which look very impressive despite the team noting they are based on an alpha build.

While the racing action often comes second to the behind-the-scenes oversight of the minutia of racing team management in titles like this, it's refreshing to see that this level of detail is being applied to the title.

This game is expected to be released this summer, which should be a perfect way to spend our time during F1's summer break. Let us know in the comments below whether this is a title you'd be interested in, and what you hope the title will bring.
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Edit - Thought it was the F1 2022 racing game not the manager.
I'm just hoping the rumors of VR being implemented are true.
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As much as I like driving the car myself too, there's a good reason why Motorsport Manager has more playtime than any other game in my Steam library. Games that can probably simulate the team side of the sport are rare, and whilst it shows it's age especially graphically, MM is still a great game to go back to.

But with a sequel to that highly unlikely now, I can only hope Frontier can deliver so that the genre doesn't die out again. These screenshots look good, but it will be the animations that make or break the 3D race viewer.

If I can only manage modern F1 teams I'll pass.
What do you expect from "F1 Manager 22" ?

Also. It looks good, but that's not the most important part of a manager-game.​

At first, sure, there will only be the new season.

But they should implement the possibillity for DLCs or modding. I might be tempted If I could start with my own team trying to win a title against the exisiting teams. But as I understand it that's not planned for now.

Therefore, at this point, I'll pass.
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They are all the same. You know all about it in few hours, then its only a matter of repeating that. Best ever was pra-old Grand Prix Manager 1 and 2 - awesome games for their times. But today`s same kind of games are no deeper in content, which is a huge shame.
It LOOKS fantastic. I look forward to reading more about the game play which is of course what matters most in management games. If it gets management right and looks like that I'm sold.

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