F1 Manager 2023 Lets You Change Teams in August Update

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The first big update to F1 Manager 2023 since its release is around the corner: Frontier Developments has announced v1.6 to launch in late August - and it is going to add a new feature that should give the game an interesting new layer.

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With the update v1.6, players will be able to switch teams in F1 Manager 2023. This means that they will not have to stick with a single team for their entire career as a manager and start a new save game once they feel like taking control of another - moving forward, they can choose to leave and take on a different challenge.

This is going to be possible in between seasons, so if players feel like they achieved everything they could with their current team, moving to another that is further down the pecking order and facing off against the team that they had previously set up for success might be more interesting than staying put. Conversely, starting out with a backmarker and working your way up should also make for an engaging career path.

Along the new feature come several fixes and adjustments in v1.6: The season objectives of Mercedes, Alfa Romeo and Alpha Tauri have been adjusted slightly, and bugs concerning Automatic mode in qualifiyng, the Focus slider in Car Part Research Projects, AI tire compound usage and the widescreen UI have been fixed.

Much like EA Sports' F1 series, F1 Manager 2023 features a list of issues that are currently under investigation or have been solved. You can find this list alongside the v1.6 patch notes below. A specific date for the update's release has not been given yet, with Frontier aiming for "late August".

F1 Manager 2023 - Update 1.6 Changes​

  • Team Switching feature added
    • Expand your legacy across the whole paddock by choosing to manage a new team at the end of a season.
  • Some Teams have had their season objectives adjusted to align better with other teams [NEW SAVES ONLY]
    • Mercedes
      • Initial season objective: 2nd -> 3rd
      • Constructor's championship target season: 2024 -> 2025
    • Alfa Romeo
      • Initial season objective: 7th -> 8th
    • Alpha Tauri
      • Initial season objective: 7th -> 8th
  • Fixed an issue with Automatic mode in qualifying not using driver commands in an optimal way
  • Fixed an issue with Focus slider settings not providing expected results for Car Part Research Projects
  • Fixed an issue with AI teams only using one tyre compound after mid-session save
  • Fixed widescreen UI


  • Balance of Track Grip Impact on Lap Times [Qualifying]
  • Unfair Penalties
  • Issue with cars colliding with static cars on track
  • [NEW] Balance of 'Avoid High Risk Kerbs' tactic.


  • Race Start Balance – Our investigation into race start behaviour confirms that the AI has no inherent advantage over the player and can only gain an edge by pushing hard with the same strategic/tactical options available to the player. Players can work to counter this by setting their Driver Options before the race begins to better prepare for the opening laps.

Your Thoughts​

With the first substantial update to F1 Manager 2023 due to drop this month, are you looking forward to the new feature? What would you like to see added to the game? Let us know in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


I do wonder how this was left out of the original...

I enjoyed Motorsport Manager but the F1 manager just never got enough good word of mouth feedback for me to give in to the urge to try it...
I do wonder how this was left out of the original...

I enjoyed Motorsport Manager but the F1 manager just never got enough good word of mouth feedback for me to give in to the urge to try it...
Its a pretty lazy "new" version. Same menu music, some bug carried over and a large number of unfixed issues and bugs in the new one.

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