Fanatec Announces Price Increases Starting March 17th

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Sim hardware manufacturer Fanatec has shared news that starting on the 17th of March, you can expect to pay more for many of their products.

If you've been on the fence about buying new gear from Fanatec, now may be the time to decide. The sim racing hardware manufacturer has announced that starting on the 17th of March, customers can expect to see price increases on many of their products.

Fanatec shared a blog post stating that they had been trying to absorb the increases in price for shipping and chips without changing their prices, but they are no longer able to maintain this. No details have been shared yet detailing which products are affected or how much of an increase there will be, but they did share that items from the CSL, ClubSport, and Podium lines would be affected.

But the news wasn't all bad for consumers, as the price of Fanatec wheel bases will not be changed for now, and a small number of products have recently been given a small discount.

This news gives potential Fanatec customers a few days to lock in their purchase price before the increases take effect. And if you are in the market for any Fanatec products, be sure to check out our Fanatec page in the RaceDepartment store, with nearly 50 products and bundles on offer.

Has this news, or any other sim related price change affected your decision to buy new gear? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.
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Happy St. Patricks day from Fanatec.

Expect more price increases on everything going forward.
In my opinion, the McLaren GT3 wheel is the best value in all of sim racing. It would take a huge price increase to change that.
I understand the reasoning behind it and the situation right now, after a pandemic that still isn't fully over, certainly does make things worse. It's possible that it will hurt the business in general as I think sales must be down anyway. I've been putting hardware purchases on hold for over a year now since prices are way to high for a long time now.
But as mentioned above it's not a tragedy.
I was considering selling my few weeks old CSL DD PRO , i might hold of a bit now.
Amazing wheel but sadly simracing just isnt exciting me too much lately.
Stupid timing. They didn't know MOZA is going beat them in price to performance days after they sent those emails about price increase. But hey, who knows their costs, I'm not judging.
As the world is preparing to settle in for a ghastly and lengthy military crisis, sim hardware prices are not of critical consequence.
My brain says: true. My heart says: no. We've been so blessed and so spoiled while many others were working hard for when this moment comes.
But wait, isn't the cost to produce, basically everything decreases with time? (A well known rule if you know anything about industry).
Final PS: people including me are paying so much money for software. I don't know a lot about behind the scenes. I don't know where all the money you pay to iRacing goes. Probably they have Excell sheet where they input all the info about a car, for example weight and hp, and voila they sell you a new product for a new price. But I know for sure that developing hardware in comparison takes so much engineering and craftmanship, and even so much costs even after they sell the product..

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