"Fanatec Rebel Alliance" Briefly Takes Over Fanatec Facebook Page

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Landshut-based sim racing hardware manufacturer Fanatec has been on the rocks lately, with a takeover by Corsair becoming likely. Now, a "Fanatec Rebel Alliance" took control of Fanatec's official Facebook page to shed light on insider information.

This is a developing story. OverTake has reached out for official statements and will update this article as soon as they are available.

It has been a rough year for Fanatec, with CEO and Founder Thomas Jackermeier being ousted and a takeover by US hardware giant Corsair becoming increasingly likely. A self-proclaimed "Fanatec Rebel Alliance" suspects foul play regarding this takeover - and this seems to be the motivation behind the Fanatec Facebook page being taken over.

The group published a post aiming to shed light on behind-the-scenes proceedings of "the hostile takeover attempt of Corsair", encouraging employees of Fanatec's parent company Endor, Corsair or one of the banks involved to act as whistleblowers. It also stated that "a lot of the negative things happened at Endor recently did not occur by mistake."


The post followed an earlier entry that simply read "time to talk", also published in the afternoon of May 29. Both posts have since been removed.

As per the latest update on May 15, Corsair looks set to buy Endor, making it a privately-owned company and thus delisting it from stock exchanges. The US company is ready to provide interim funding to Endor to avoid imminent insolvency, according to a plan that has been agreed upon by both parties. "A binding agreement is expected to be signed in mid-June and submitted to the restructuring court in Munich in the near future", according to the May 15 press release.

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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


Now the Fanatec matter is taking on tragicomic tones LOL If you go to the site it's complete chaos, even today almost all the steering wheels with active pre-orders are back unavailable, the QR1 is not available again as well as the BMW M4 GT3 steering wheel and the Sparco steering wheels LOL
And now also the Hackers. Then the last post a few days ago at COTA where everyone happily shows the products to customers, while those who order cannot have anything purchased and customer service is deaf. What's going on over there? Everything OK? Well, let's hope for the best and that they don't fail. :( :(
Bet they could have some customers supporting this cause as well...

Only if their black friday orders could get delivered by now lmao good riddance
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This is nuts and look like the good old days of pirate hacking takeover of websites, I am curious about the reaction of the SRO in matter of the Title sponsoring of the series. Was there any concern or announcement made by them?
Just checking my calendar to ensure that 1st of April has already past this year, and....

....Jesus, you couldn't make this **** up.

I'm lost for words. How can so much fanboiism surround a company that just makes electric motors with steering wheels attached to them?

And they call themselves a "Rebel Alliance"
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This wasn't a hack. Jackermeier is doing this. Don't believe the hype.
Plus 1. This was my exact thought as well as soon as I saw the rant. Guess Fanatec is still just too busy to change those passwords?
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This wasn't a hack. Jackermeier is doing this. Don't believe the hype.
This theory might have some very small legs given that Jackermeier is a Star Wars fan as evidenced by the company name "Endor". Also in the statement it refers to "billion dollar hedgefonds" where hedgefonds is literally the German word for hedge fund/s, so it was more than likely written by somebody whose native language is German.

However after all that, it is an extremely tenuous link
Just wait till Disney sees this dear Thomas. You didn't learn with an American corp ravaging you? A second and even bigger one will go after your posterior.
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I have a hard time believing this is really the good vs evil battle as some people are making this out to be. The company clearly was in a lot of trouble, what was it, 70 million euro in debt? That's no pocket change even if you have a strong brand.. and not to mention the supply and customer service issues..

Looking in from the outside, it seems to me Thomas was a passionate hard working man whom created this company from zero, but it clearly grew over his head. Customers suffered, shareholders will now suffer, and a lot of people almost lost their jobs because of it. All people he had a responsibility towards.
Meme-stock traders delusional as always. Buy a stock of a company near bankruptcy, then act shocked when you end up with nothing? Not gonna be crying a river for these idiots.

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