Formula 1 To Utilize rFactor 2 for 30 New Simulation Centres

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Formula 1 has given its official stamp of approval to new gaming and socializing centres launching worldwide over the next five years, and using rFactor 2 as the platform.

A statement by Motorsport Games has confirmed an agreement between Formula 1, Motorsport Games and entrepreneur Adam Breeden. The agreement will see a series of gaming centres opened to give guests a "next-level competitive socializing experience".

Breeden's previous endeavors include founding a series of businesses that enhance a typical social gathering. Based on that history and the few details that were announced in this press release, these centres can be assumed to be areas to gather with friends or in corporate gatherings, but offering attendees a chance to experience F1 racing in rFactor 2-based sim rigs.

30 locations are planned, with openings in UK, the US, western Europe, the Middle East, and Asia over the next five years. The first location is scheduled to be opened in London in Q4 of this year.

It's too early to tell what F1's involvement in this deal will be. Whether this will give guests a chance to drive an as yet undeveloped current gen car for rFactor 2, or just cars from the pre-turbo hybrid era remains to be seen.

What are your thoughts on this agreement? Does the thought of hosting or attending an event at a Formula 1 endorsed social racing centre appeal to you? Let us know in the comments below.
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It's a victory for the sim racing world. To be honest, I'm very excited like the day they announced Nascar 21. No idea what will come next but curious to see. It's a kind of a last chance for RF2 to prove it's value which has suffered lately. So let see what happen.
I agree... the graphics of RF2 are still bad and add to that the (too) long loading times a reason for me to keep it in the fridge for now.
Loadingtimes been cut with a huge amount in various updates.
Only first time loading takes a teeny bit longer, as it needs to build a shader cache.
Now iRacing loads way slower than rF2.
Man, Motorsport Games just keeps piling up the partnerships. Yikes. Based on what? I guess it's the pure sim FFB feeling of rF2. Cause it sure ain't their truthfulness in earnings calls or their only product to date, NASCAR 21 :rolleyes:

For the sake of rF2, though, this could be quite positive. In particular, rF2 doesn't have a hybrid simulation yet – which is why there's been no official content hybrid LMP1s or modern F1 cars. Maybe this will be the investment that makes that change?
I agree... the graphics of RF2 are still bad and add to that the (too) long loading times a reason for me to keep it in the fridge for now.
if you have un-installed rF2, you will be flooded with DLC and free content as the game rebuilds itself. So the first startup will be a long painful slog. But after you are all up and running, I can load most tracks in around 30 seconds with a 5 yr old HD and the bigger tracks with large fields come in around a minute.
As far as graphics, drive in the rain...fabuloso!
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I'm sure it was probably unintentional (I do the same thing on occasion!), but the verb "utilize" means putting to productive use something that was previously worthless...which, given rF2s somewhat spotty history, could have been an interesting Freudian slip!

If you are using something for its intended purpose, it's just "use". But "use" doesn't sound exciting and dynamic like "utilize", so they've sort of morphed into synonyms over the last few years. Like I said, I know I misuse "utilize" myself sometimes even though I know the difference!

Honestly though, I continue to root for rF2. The bones of the sim are too good to turn my back on. Anytime I see someone "utilizing" rF2, I feel a glimmer of hope. The recent UI changes seem positive and there seems to be more of an effort being made to create a "curated" experience that points the user towards good/complete content right in the sim menu rather than a Steam Workshop treasure hunt.

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