Forza Motorsport: Release Date & Steam Version Announced

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Speculation has surrounded the release date of the eighth instalment of Forza Motorsport: After having initially been announced to launch in spring 2023, the release of the title has been pushed back indefinitely - until now: At the Xbox Games Showcase, October 10th has been announced for Forza Motorsport's launch, which features a first for the series.

Microsoft's answer to the Gran Turismo franchise used to be an Xbox exclusive until the release of Forza Horizon 3. The Motorsport part of the series has been available on PC since Forza Motorsport 7, but only via the Xbox store. A Steam version was never available - the upcoming game is going to change this by following in the footsteps of Forza Horizon 4 and 5, which have been among the most played games on Steam in April and May 2023, by being available in the Steam Store as well in addition to the Xbox Series X|S version.

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Image credit: Microsoft/Turn 10 Studios

New Career Mode & Multiplayer Elements​

Also shared was a first look at some of the game's features and content. Forza Motorsport will introduce a new career mode called "Builders Cup", which focuses on the idea of building and upgrading cars to gain an advantage over the competition. A deep dive including gameplay and full walkthrough of the mode will be showcased on June 13th, 6pm UTC - keep an eye on Twitch, YouTube and Steam for this.

Meanwhile, multiplayer events are set to see a change in structure. Featured Multiplayer events takes inspiration from race weekends while also allowing custom-built event structures. To try and create a more competitive and clean online environment, driver and safety ratings are introduced as well.

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I'm totally assuming it'll have VR for the PC version. This is just a guess of mine. I just feel like there's no way Microsoft won't include VR when it's main rival, GT7, has VR. Plus, it's a "next-gen" racing "sim" and by an ultra-high budget developer. I just can't see it not supporting VR on PC. Again, just what I'm thinking. No actual proof.
Reserving jugement until more has been revealed on the 13th. What I can say, is this is a much better showing of the game. The January event managed to show less while being considerably longer than yesterdays games showcase.
Well 10/10 for actually using decent engine sounds to sell the game. 3/10 for the now-getting-cliched smooth-talking female telling you what to do next.

I actually didn't mind 6 and 7 and put a good few hours into them. Hopefully the car choice features some decent classic stuff. I'm a bit no vr, no buy these days so I'll see what happens with the PC release and hopefully someone will mod it for VR.
I have a feeling that Microsoft f-up again by not focusing on the simulation aspect again (support of wheels, VR, PC centric, telemetry, etc...). I sayd, let Forza Horizon be the arcade driver game and Foza Motorsport be the simulator.
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I think if it supported VR they would have mentioned it by now. Still, hoping for the best and expecting the worst:)
Good steering wheel management because there has never been good steering wheel management in Forza, that's what is needed, good force feedback of course and VR if possible on PC of course.
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I have a feeling that Microsoft f-up again by not focusing on the simulation aspect again (support of wheels, VR, PC centric, telemetry, etc...). I sayd, let Forza Horizon be the arcade driver game and Foza Motorsport be the simulator.
Thing is, it will sell by the bucket load, they dont really need to do much to it in essence imo. A few "sim" sound bites, a few racing drivers saying its great, job done.

It will always be simcade as thats why the mass market want i guess?

Edit: in fact thats what i want, i have other titles for proper sim stuff, this is a nice sunday drive, relaxed, drive some nice looking cars around well modelled tracks. VR is defo required though, i wont buy it without VR as literally dont have the ability to play on screen.
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I will be there day one, it's already a success with millions players on the world (sad for the games with 300 players).
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