It is Forza Motorsport vs. Gran Turismo 7 time again! For many, GT7 is the best looking racing game on the market. With Forza Motorsport, however, another contender for this title has recently entered the grid. In our graphics comparison we show you the strengths and weaknesses of both games and reveal our current pole-sitter.

Once again, it is Forza Motorsport versus Gran Turismo 7. We have chosen four scenarios which you can experience in both titles and put them side by side to briefly highlight our observations. Also check out our video for moving images, plus a sound comparison.
The feeling of what you find better or more beautiful can be very subjective, so we are particularly interested in your comments here! We have our favorite, which we will share at the end. So let us see how far technology has taken us towards photorealism in 2023!

Forza Motorsport vs. Gran Turismo 7: Ferrari F8 Tributo At Laguna Seca​

In this first scene featuring the Ferrari F8 Tributo at Laguna Seca, they obviously have gone for a spring variant of the track in Gran Turismo 7, as the hills are noticeably greener than in FM. Meanwhile, Forza Motorsport seems to have forgotten the texture of the interior, which should be either a brushed aluminium or carbon fibre look.


The interior of the Ferrari F8 Tributo in Forza seems to lack some textures. Image credit: Sony/Polyphony, Microsoft/Turn 10, OverTake

In third-person view, our graphics comparison shows even more interesting details. Forza Motorsport apparently really likes to make the cars spit flames in an exaggerated way. Also, this slope got more love in Forza. The floodlights are missing in GT7, probably because you cannot drive it at night.

An important note at this point is that Gran Turismo uses different versions of the track in Time Trial. When you jump into the race, there are a lot more assets on the track like tents, grandstands, parked cars, and more. That is a really cool detail!


The differences are often in the details. For example, this slope on the right apparently got more love in Forza. Image credit: Sony/Polyphony, Microsoft/Turn 10, OverTake

FM vs. GT7: Subaru Impreza 22B At Rainy Suzuka​

On to our second scenario, the Subaru Impreza 22B at rainy Suzuka. We initially notice that the level of rain is higher in Gran Turismo and had to fit rain tyres to keep up with Forza Motorsport. In all scenarios, we have ABS and light TCS or TCS Sport on. Overall, both titles look great – whether it is the skybox, track details or road surfaces and their reflections.


Both titles look great in the rain when it comes to their skybox, track details or road surfaces and their reflections.Image credit: Sony/Polyphony, Microsoft/Turn 10, OverTake


The spray effect appears more real in Forza. Image credit: Sony/Polyphony, Microsoft/Turn 10, OverTake

The spray effect behind the car and the general feeling of wetness is better in Forza Motorsport. But here we also see our currently biggest problem with Forza: the rendering of headlights and taillights. Something is wrong with Forza in that regard, be it the detail, or the reflections.


There is something wrong with the headlights and taillights in Forza. Image Credit: Sony/Polyphony, Microsoft/Turn 10, OverTake

Porsche 919 Hybrid At Le Mans​

Let us now turn on the lights and drive the Porsche 919 Hybrid to Le Mans to see what the replays look like.


Both games have impressive replays. Image credit: Sony/Polyphony, Microsoft/Turn 10, OverTake

While Forza Motorsport shows more realistic TV angles, Gran Turismo 7 also throws in some cinematic shots that look pretty cool. We also like that they have illuminated car numbers. Undoubtedly, both titles have top-notch and market-leading replays.


Here is the Mulsanne Straight in daylight. Image credit: Sony/Polyphony, Microsoft/Turn 10, OverTake

Viper GTS-R At Nürburgring​


Apparently, there is a little curb missing here in GT7. Image credit: Sony/Polyphony, Microsoft/Turn 10, OverTake

Finally, it is off to the Nürburgring with the Viper GTS-R. In both games, the lighting, sky and clouds look fantastic. In the Mercedes Arena, however, we noticed this little curb, which is present on the real track and in Forza Motorsport, but missing in Gran Turismo.

Forza Motorsport vs. Gran Turismo 7: Our Verdict​

Both games have a realistic approach. Overall, however, Gran Turismo has a more consistent look to it. Forza Motorsport instead occasionally relies heavily on ray-tracing effects, sometimes with minor glitches flickering. Both titles do pay a lot of attention to details, and you can see the years of work that went into them. That is why it is hard for us to make a decision, but for now, we think that Gran Turismo is just a little bit ahead, although some of Forza’s scenarios look pretty impressive.


While both games look fantastic, Gran Turismo overall looks more consistent. Image credit: Sony/Polyphony, Microsoft/Turn 10, OverTake

Of course, that is just our opinion. We want to know: Which is your favorite and why? Feel free to discuss this further in the comments. Also make sure to check out our Force Feedback Settings Guide for Forza Motorsport!

Want to know what Forza Motorsport is all about? Our video review of Forza Motorsport where we talk about the strengths and weaknesses in detail should help you!

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