GeneRally 2 Lets You Import Old Tracks in July Update

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Image credit: Curious Chicken Games

Countless tracks have already been created since GeneRally 2 hit Steam Early Access in late May. In July, they will be able to import all of their creations made for the first iteration of the charming top-down racer - and that is only part of the first big update coming to the game soon.

Racing on GR1 Tracks​

An enormous chunk of GeneRally's appeal has always been its track editor, which has been extensively reworked and expanded for the successor. Developer Curious Chicken Games shared a preview on what to expect in the July update, which does not yet have a specific release date. Supposedly, results of track importing are going to vary, but a screenshot shows examples of two conversions that worked impressively well - without any further modifications, even. This means that returning players of the original GeneRally with libraries of hundreds of tracks amassed over the years can easily transfer them to GR2.

GeneRally 2 July 2023 Update Track Importing.png

The track importing feature shows enormous potential to get the original game's circuits into GeneRally 2. Image credit: Curious Chicken Games

Same Objects, Different Looks​

Another feature of the July update is set to make track creators' lives easier - or at least a bit more aesthetically pleasing: The Object Variant system will see implementation to offer more visual options of the same object to avoid repetition of trackside scenery. Examples of this include houses with different wall and roof colors or tire barriers with bands of different colors wrapped around them.

Speaking of different colors: The UI will get the Dark Mode treatment with the July update, allowing players to choose which scheme suits their preferences best. Also, a live standings leaderboard will be added to keep track of positions during races. "One or two" extra languages will be made available for the UI in the coming update, too, with more coming via smaller patches, according to the Developer Blog entry.

GeneRally 2 July 2023 Update Object Variation.png

More trackside options: The Object Variation system is going to make for more differentiated circuit surroundings. Image credit: Curious Chicken Games

While the online mode is not yet on its way in July, improvements will be made to the computer-controlled opposition: The enormous problems the AI have in the pit area should be less frequent or not present at all anymore, as a fix is going to be implemented.

Players will have to wait for additional cars and tracks a bit longer, though: Originally, each major update should include fresh content, but Curious Chicken Games has decided to push it back for the July update as "we've chosen to focus on getting the current cars and AI to a stable state before adding more to the mix. The planned cars and tracks will arrive in a future update instead."

The update is due for release "in the first couple of weeks of July", with a specific release date to be announced soon.

More to Come​

Of course, the July update does not mean that Curious Chicken Games is not continuing work on GeneRally 2: August's update will introduce Time-Trial Mode, a new car, the ability to re-bind keys, and more, as the newly-added roadmap on the official website shows.

Exciting features that do not have a release date yet include the aforementioned online multiplayer, the implementation of weather, time and seasons, and even a photo mode.

Your Thoughts​

Have you tried GeneRally 2 already? What do you think about the July update? Let us know in the comments below!
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