GeneRally 2 Set To Leave Early Access First Half Of 2024, Multiplayer Tests Soon

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The diminutive top-down racer is continuing its Early Access development phase, but now has an estimated release target for Version 1.0.

Images: Curious Chicken Games

An update on GeneRally 2’s progress has been provided by developer Curious Chicken Games, as online multiplayer edges closer.

Invite-Only Multiplayer Tests​

One element that is keeping the retro-racing title in Early Access is a lack of online multiplayer. This has been on the development roadmap since it launched in May of this year and seems to be nearing completion.

A development update claims that behind-the-scenes online racing is possible against other players and across championships too – but that the team is working on synchronising tracks between players and what happens during mid-race disconnections.

There are set to be some invite-only online tests sometime after the new year for top fans, with further information expected at a later via the game’s Discord and blog. A promising sign for a much-requested feature.

GeneRally 2 rally
Image: Curious Chicken Games

Version 1.0 Expected In ‘First Half’ Of 2024​

Once online multiplayer has been tested, it’s a significant feature that will help the sequel to the 2002 freeware classic. Other items on the roadmap for implementation at some point include online leaderboards, a photo mode, controller support for the user interface and seasons.

For now, it’s been revealed that the game is set to leave the Early Access programme within the first six months of next year.

“It’s our intention to launch out of Early Access within the first half of 2024,” reads the developer statement.

Alongside the online features, further cars, AI improvements and bug fixes will be implemented for version 1.0.

“Right now, our focus is on delivering the online multiplayer, and then we’ll be able to turn our attention to the other items on the list,” continues the update.

GeneRally 2 winter level
Image: Curious Chicken Games

Christmas Update​

Before then, however, and ahead of 25th December 2023, will be a ‘Christmas Update’ that will include a new track, winter-themed variants of existing trackside objects alongside a set of new track-creation objects.

No date or changelog has been provided for this yet, although they will arrive sometime over the next week.

Are you enjoying GeneRally 2 so far? What would you like to see from Version 1.0? Let us know in the comments below. You can also read our interview with James Burgess.
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Looking forward to playing it. I like this kind of top down racing games. The problem in many games is control and how it affects playability and fun. Take for instance Wooden GP 2. It looks great but they have tried to use some kind of simulation/realistic behaviour that may be challenging but not fun (in my opinion) for that kind of game. The cars feels slow and slide two much. It's not like old arcade games such as Neo Drift Out, Gaelco World Rally Champioship,, 1000 Miglia. However, If I had to mention the best example of perfect playability in this kind of games, I would say Micromachines 2. Not joking. The control and the way the cars behave in that game is perfect, sliding, but only for the exact time and in the exact way. The control cannot be more precise. I spent so many hours trying to beat my own records! Another game of this kind that I also love is the old and almost unknown Rallysport, a DOS game made by just one guy, which was more like an experiment, very limited, very simple, but oh man... those low res and pixelated graphics and the low framerate didn't matter when you saw the 3D look of the cars and felt the way they went sideways, jumped, moved, incline and reacted to your input. 100% satisfying. Oh, and you could kill the spectators.

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The problem in many games is control
Or controls ?
This one looks a bit like "art of rally". Lovely, but I'd like to play with my sim rig. "Driving" with a pad is totally unnatural for me.
Consequence : I played A. of R. during 2.4 hours only
Same and worse : I played Trail Out during 36 minutes ...

On the contrary, I've scored 355 hours playing Wreckfest, which give great feelings in a sim rig.

Talking about more arcade than sim games here. Won't talk about AC, ACC, Ams2, DR 1 & 2 ...
You should try Mini Motor Racing X with a VR headset. It's like playing a real Scalextric with lots of different environments.


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