Gran Turismo 7: Update & Three New Cars Coming this Week

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As the month of May nears its end, Gran Turismo 7 is due for another update, and PlayStation racers can look forward to three new cars that are going to be introduced with it: Gran Turismo producer Kaz Yamauchi took to Twitter to tease the trio of new vehicles set for release this week.

While the teaser image does not reveal many details, the silhouttes of the upcoming cars can be made out. Of course, the community wasted no time in determining what they actually are - which was not easy in each case.

The one vehicle that can be determined with relative certainty is in the front left of the image Yamauchi posted. as it shows the most detail: Having won the Gran Turismo Award at the 2018 SEMA, the 1971 Ford Maverick custom built by the Greening Auto Company will join the GT7 ranks in all its 1200hp glory. Contrary to what the model year of the base car might imply, you can expect some serious peformance from this machine.

To the right, the unmistakable outlines of a Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 can be spotted. A GT-R V-spec II is already in the game, so GT7 fans can expect a different version of the car - possibly with more racing links than the road-going GT-R that is already present?

Finally, the silhouette in the back strongly hints at an Alfa Romeo Giulia. While a modern version of the car has been introduced to GT7 as part of the v1.27 update of late 2022, the vehicle in question is decidedly more vintage when it comes to its contours. Specifically, the version shown could be a Giulia Sprint GT, which was produced from 1963 to 1976.

Meanwhile, other elements of the incoming update are not known yet, so Polyphony Digital and Sony might have even more up their sleeves on the content front.

Your Thoughts​

What do you think of the selection of cars that are part of the new GT7 update? Are you looking forward to one of them in particular? Let us know in the comments!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


Nice to see the lowly Ford Maverick 2-door--albeit elevated to the venerated level of a "G-machine" Pro Touring car--rendered in pixels to the mass market. No doubt collector values of the Maverick and Comet will climb as their shapely lines are burnt into the retinas of a new generation.

For several years at SEMA, Sony and Gran Turismo--with the Lateral-G forum, I believe--sponsored this award for the best G-machine. I was a guest of Plumfloored Creations who completely transformed a 1970 Dodge Coronet Superbee (a love it or hate it bodystyle from the factory) into the stunning "Mutant Bee". Every style cue and body panel was massaged into the designer's vision of a 1970s concept car with a 3rd Gen Mopar Hemi powerplant, performance suspension, etc. It was literal show-stopper and PFC was a strong contender for the win. That said, it was pretty much a certainty that a lightly modded 1969-70 Ford Mustang Sportsback (of which Polyphony Digital already had a model) would be chosen as the car to be put in the game. (Even though the actual 'Stang had a complete carbon fiber body and potent engine and chassis mods, those mods have little mpact on the 3D model.)

Sony/PD always put on a great awards celebration with 5 Seconds to Mars (meh) and The Offspring (simply incredible!) as featured entertainment different years.

Glad GT is still going strong and adding iconic cars to their offerings. Despite most cars sounding like vacuum cleaners (as opposed to Forza),I enjoyed my time as a beginning sim racer a on PS3 in GT5 and loved driving Goodwood in GT6. Sadly, Sony suspended all support of GT6 years ago rending the physical game disk a frisbee which will not run. Not cool!

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