Without formal notice Sony delisted Gran Turismo Sport from the PlayStation Store. Thus it is no longer available to purchase digitally.

As reported by TheSixthAxis, Gran Turismo Sport has been delisted from the PlayStation Store, apparently without any prior formal notice from Sony or Polyphony Digital.

While the end of online services on 31 January 2024 was known for a while, in their September 2023 announcement Sony only mentioned that: "On 1 December 2023, we will also end the sale of purchasable Downloadable Content from the PlayStation Store."

For example, each car in the game could be purchased with either in-game credits or real-world currency via the store. However, there is no reference to delisting the entire game there or anywhere else. And this comes nearly a month before the online services end.

GT Sport: Functionally Dead After Server Shutdown​

Delisting GT Sport from the PS Store means you cannot buy the game there anymore in digital form. However, you may still be able to purchase the physical version of the game from a retailer or second market.

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GT Sport has been delisted from the PlayStation Store. Image credit: Sony / Polyphony

If you already own GT Sport, you will be able to play it fully until the server shutdown on 31 January 2024. After that, you can still start the game, yet it will not let you progress through the title anymore, which eventually renders Gran Turismo Sport functionally dead.

EOL and Its Consequences​

GT Sport is of course not the first or only game getting delisted from the PlayStation Store. Yet it is one of the most prominent. Here is a list of all delisted PS4 games. However, delisting and becoming useless is only one form of discontinuing a game. Some are more likely to be acceptable than others.