GRID Legends Story Mode Gameplay Trailer Released

Leading up to a February release, Codemasters has released another trailer, this time featuring gameplay from the story mode.

GRID Legends is scheduled to be released on February 25th, and Codemasters is offering the public an advanced look at gameplay from the story mode.

GRID Legends will offer players the chance to play the Driven to Glory story mode, which puts you in the role of Driver 22, who signs on as the second driver for the Seneca Racing team. You'll need to build your reputation by performing well on track. The plot is described as a "classic underdog tale".

This plot seems quite close to the story offered in F1 2021's Braking Point, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, since Braking Point was a highlight of last year's F1 game.

The most recent preview offered by Codemasters shows how the actors playing the central characters in the story will be shown in mixed reality cutscenes rather than animation. Much of the story seems to focus around the paddock and offices of the Seneca racing team, which should be a great way for players to immerse themselves in the many facets of auto racing.

There is also a lot of gameplay shown, which seems similar to the previous GRID installment. The racing action seems to favour high amounts of action rather than a pure focus on realism, which is an approach that should appease the existing fanbase for the series.

Are you interested in GRID Legends? Let us know why or why not in the comments below.
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Are you interested in GRID Legends?

Not for me, the video part where an 18 wheeler bumped into a formula car clearly shows what I am not into.

I have to admit they nailed the ethnic/gender equality so dear to this new society we now live in, so kudos for being so politically correct.

Their is a demographic for that kind of racing game entertainment, I wish them success, I am probably too old school, or plain too old, for it. :D
looks like a fun arcade racer. It will probably sell really well on console since the story mode in the f1 game was recieved well, the graphics look alright, and forza motorsport has no set release date. This might be alright for sim racers who want to race without caring about safety rating, but nothing more than that really.
Looks like an arcade game, which isn't entirely a bad thing but I just don't see the need for all this background story mode stuff. I found all that career stuff cringeworthy when codemasters introduced it. It's a driving game, you already are 'you'.
Formula Ford's with headlights???? is this finally the ultimate sim we've been looking for?....NOPE!!!
Will it be abit of fun ? I guess so I enjoyed Grid for what it was and no doudt will be buying this but...Not at £49.99 looks just like grid with a bit of FMV.....
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I have to say, this has the potential to be the best Grid game and one of the good singleplayer motorsports racing game so far. The way the career works; I think they did a good job researching on how we'd like to start racing in this day and age, such as starting out in the Audi TCR, what it's like to have a race engineer, multiclass racing possibly with LMPs and GT3s on the late game, and team racing on Bathrust. I'm glad they're not simply making chaotic races (like the Formula Junior and Trucks) as the main highlight of the game too.

For introducing people to motorsport racing without needing a wheel or getting overwhelmed or worrying about Safety Ratings, I think Grid Legends is looking to be a good choice... not sure about the online though. I hope it's not another Forza shenanigans.
This feels like another "oooh, potential... ... wasted" :/
Why group the Trucks with totally unrealistic cars. I get it, that the "GRID World Series" is out there as it is, but they could've tried to keep that somewhat sane.
Also, when it is a major story mode that is the main selling point. Why is it that we are playing as anonymous "driver 22". How boring.

On a personal note, I like animated cutscenes better in games than real life footage. It just feels more immersive for me.

EDIT: On the other side, I don't think the majority of RD's users are the main demographic for this game.
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Game looks good, they are really into this netflix documentary vibe and f1 carreer mode. But it's not for me.
Great graphics... most likely poor FFB/physics like F1. Too much cheap drama, not enough "simulation", too much "quick money grab" looking title. PASS...
To everybody who will purchase this title, I hope you have fun with it, and you do not regret your purchase. I bought Grid, Grid 2, and Grid Auto sport, but I will not be spending funds on this title. The EPIC movie/film aspect is just not of interest to myself.
Production values look like they’re through the roof, it looks quite incredible.

It’s not for me at all though, I really can’t stand all those crappy, neon-drenched city tracks, plus drifting Group C cars is not my thing at all. But of course this is definitely not aimed at the likes of me!

It certainly looks like it’ll be a fantastic arcade racer with an interesting story to boot.
Am I really watching 40 minutes of a TV Series about the new Grid? :D
Nice locations, lovely damage system, but everything else feels so arcade and that racing line really hurts my eyes :confused:
I doubt Fail...Codemasters will ever think about adding some serious physics to this game.
Still not as good as toca race driver 3, CM should just release it on steam and get a worthy cashgrab. The first grid was bad, grid autosport was a step in the right direction but the series for me ended there. TRD3 is still way better than any of these games, better physics, better cars, better tracks, better everything, much funnier. I really don't know what CM tries to achieve with these crappy arcade games, they are too arcadey to be taken seriously and not arcadey enough to be fun. Well, if the series goes on, it must be that it sales well ; I'm just not the target. Just rerelease TRD3 on steam or, better, on gog, to get rid of the old starforce protection. Even if it's inferior in the physics department, TRD2 would be a good rerelease.
I can sense that the target audience wise for this game is different compared to the proper Sim Racing and Simcade games.
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