GT7's Polygon Count Tweet Shows How Racing Games Have Evolved in 20 Years

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A recent tweet by the official Gran Turismo Twitter account demonstrates the remarkable advancement of racing game graphics over recent decades.

Gran Turismo's Twitter account showed a quick but fascinating look at how far racing game graphics and content accuracy have advanced between the first Gran Turismo title released in the late 90's and the upcoming Gran Turismo 7.

The tweet demonstrates the visual difference between renderings of the Tom's Supra in 1997's Gran Turismo and 2022's Gran Turismo 7. The former was rendered using 300 polygons, compared to 500,000 in the latter.

Advancements in not only the developer's ability to gather, process and render the higher resolution models, but also the consumer's gaming hardware and display technologies make the higher resolution models possible.

For those of us old enough to remember the release of 1997's Gran Turismo will also recall how realistic and life-like those lower polygon count cars looked. At the time it was hard to imagine graphics evolving past what we were seeing in Gran Turismo, so it's interesting to speculate on what graphics could look like 25 years from today.

If you have any thoughts on the past, present and future of racing game graphics, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
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sadly the thing that made the first game was innovation and not the poly count. I doubt the new game will figure so high on the innovation count.

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