Hannah Gets the Gift of Sim Racing - A Heartwarming Story

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A video is circulating of a girl being introduced to sim racing in the most heartwarming way imaginable.

User TartineMyAxe shared a beautiful video on Reddit from the world of sim racing. It's a short clip, but surely enough to put a smile on your face, and maybe even a tear of joy in your eye.

The video shows Hannah, who lives with Cerebral Palsy, opening a gift. Hannah has always wanted to drive, and thanks to the contents of the box, she now could. In the box was a Logitech G29 wheel and pedal set for Hannah to enjoy. The joy on her face is immeasurable, and undoubtedly Hannah will get many years of enjoyment out of the set.

Cerebral Palsy affects the body's ability to move and maintain balance. It's a group of disorders that could limit one's ability to drive depending on the severity of the symptoms. Lewis Hamilton's brother Nicolas also lives with CP, and the car he races in the British Touring Car Championship is modified to suit his abilities.

We wish Hannah all the best in her sim racing journey, and extend a warm welcome to our community.
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Saw a full video this afternoon, so included the rig-video. My eyes were so watery... I am sort sad this people do live with such handicapped body; No freedom, always need help of others and many more. Ofcourse there are grades of Cerabal Palsy, but this sort of grades are so sad. If parents and doctors where less egoistic and more 'humanistic' then you think of the future of said child.. and not about your own feelings... Well ok. Too much personal and politics.. I am really happy for her! ps. I am handicapped myself, so I can say this.
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Love it how she is really excited and genuinely happy.
I'm a subscriber of "Special Books by Special Kids" on YT and am always really moved by how everybody is managing their lives despite maybe not being in the most fortunate situation.
Reminds me how we should really live our lives to the fullest and more often be as genuinely happy about (everyday) gifts we receive and the encounters we have.
So touchy moment! :inlove:
It's not easy to find the words, but she's so full of joy and that's amazing!
Defintely brightened my day! I do remember seeing this before elsewhere, but this gives you the warm fuzzy feelings regardless. :)

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