Have Your Say – Which Racing Title Is Overdue for a Sequel?

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Let us know in the comments below which racing game or racing sim you’d most like to see get a sequel first.

Racing titles can have an unusually long life span relative to other sports games. We want to hear which racing sim or racing game you feel is now due (or overdue) for a sequel.

There are many reasons why a racing title might be due for a sequel. Some might be at or near the limits of the gaming engine it’s built on. Others might be based on cars, tracks or racing series that are no longer relevant. Still others might be long forgotten by the developer, or the developer has gone out of business, and the game needs an update for modern hardware and gaming engines.

The racing game and racing sim community has been made aware of pending sequels for Assetto Corsa and Gran Turismo. Little is known about the AC sequel so far, but the GT title appears to be better versions of the existing, successful premise. Games like Need for Speed, GRID and Forza Horizon also have sequels pending. In this case the new release is an updated version of a proven formula, but some titles might be due for an overhaul.

RaceRoom and rFactor 2 are both currently supported titles that date back to 2013. New content, bug fixes and general improvements are frequently released by developers Sector 3 and Studio 397, respectively. But in both cases the game is based on an engine that provides players with a rewarding sim experience while lacking the eye-popping graphics of many of their contemporaries. Perhaps either or both are due for a new title on a more modern engine.

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There are also discontinued titles and series such as Grand Prix, GTR and Driveclub that fans have been wishing to see updated for years. Grand Prix 4 is considered by some to be the greatest racing title ever made. GTR3 was reportedly in development over the past few years, though most now consider the project to be terminated based on the cancellation of the social media accounts. Driveclub is a cult favourite in the console world, with fans still enjoying the underrated game while curious outsiders seek physical copies to buy online to try it out.

So let us know in the comments below which sequel you’d most like to see in development. Maybe it’s a current title that’s now showing its age, or maybe it’s a mostly forgotten title that deserves a reboot on modern hardware. Let us know what title you’d want to see, and what changes you’d like to see versus the previous edition.
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Without a doubt - Grand Prix Legends. But a new version would have to have the ambience of the original or the long standing fans would never accept it. GPL is now 23 years old, still getting new mods and tracks, and still has an active online racing community.

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