Have Your Say - What’s Your Next Major Sim Racing Purchase?

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Continuing our Have Your Say series, today we want to know what you plan to buy for your next major sim racing purchase.

Sim racing is an ever-evolving hobby. The best hardware or software in your price range from today may be eclipsed by something newer or better next year. Those of us with a bit of extra money to spend on our hobby are always on the lookout for ways to improve our immersion and enjoyment.

With Black Friday sales right around the corner, many of us in the sim community are plotting our next big buy. We want to know in the comments below what yours will be. For some of you it might be a game you’ve been waiting for a sale on. For others it might be upgrading to a direct drive wheel or a load cell brake pedal. Or maybe you’ve finally saved enough money to buy that motion setup.

Often the buildup to a big purchase is as exciting as clicking the “Buy Now” button itself. Researching a specific type of hardware and learning which brands and products stand out in their respective field, for example, adds to the excitement of adding it to your rig. If you’re at that stage, or still early in the research process, let us know in the comments below. And if you see someone looking for feedback on a product you already own, be sure to help them out by sharing your own experiences with it.
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A new rig would be great. Maybe one of those P1X things. I am using a NLR GT Track. The rig is ok however I would like more adjustability. The way I have it configured, the stiffness is fine. I am using a DD1 and HE Sprints.
What's major?

I just ordered a real race certified 6 point seatbelt for my rig and sadly enough there is a real need and it will be my 3rd seatbelt purchase for my rig. ( Not a need for certification, just for a real functional 6 point belt that cinches easily and holds tight without crushing the family jewels )

I think all my Major purchases are over until I move into a larger home.
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Not sure yet, but the next big things on the radar are a new GPU (when things calm down) or a custom wheel rim for my T500, which I've been meaning to design for years.
Audi R8 GT 3 Button box next!
(not sure that's considered "major" though)
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Already preordered and purchased the new BMW GT2 V2 and looking forward to receive it in mid of november. The McLaren V2 was a great improvement, so I'm hopeful it will be no disappointment. I definetly need a closed rim for my DD1 in addition. One month of joyful anticipation :)
New pedals (Heusinkveld Sprints) or new monitors with better color and lower latency, but first I need a new car :D
PC is fast enough to run most sims with pretty high settings in VR, and I’m happy with my G25 wheel (can’t afford DD….)

Next steam sale I want to get the formula Pro pack for RF2, and maybe a couple of other RF2 tracks too.

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