We all share a passion for virtual racing. Each for their own reasons. And that is exactly what we are interested in here. Why do You enjoy virtual racing?

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Virtual racing brings the excitement of motorsports to the digital realm. It is a high-speed adventure from the comfort of our own home. Moreover, virtual racing offers a chance to test our skills on iconic tracks and behind the wheel of our dream cars.

Everyone has their own reasons and motivations, and each one is equally important. Hence, for starters (and to give the whole article a little more "meat"), below you will find the short and concise answers from our editors on why they enjoy virtual racing. Please regard this only as a basis for discussion.

A Good Reason to Enjoy Virtual Racing: 1966 FORD #2 GT40 MKII (LE MANS)
May I introduce - the Ford GT40. Not the worst reason to get excited for virtual racing. Image credit: Turn 10 Studios

Here, we are explicitly interested in your opinion. So, what fascinates you about virtual racing? Please tell us in the comments below. Alternatively, use the poll above, which allows multiple answers. We are looking forward to a constructive discussion and interesting findings!

Why Do You Enjoy Virtual Racing?​

For Timo Dick, Contributing Editor at OverTake, enjoying virtual racing is synonymous with immemrsion, authenticity combined with compeititon und fun.

Timo Dick, "The Single Player"​

"As primarily a single player, immersion, authenticity, challenge, and fun are the main reasons why I enjoy virtual racing so much. Getting a (vague) impression of what it's like to drive racing cars or cars that I can not (or don't want to) afford on my limit in the safety of my sim rig fulfils me. Moreover, recreating historic races or record-breaking drives as authentic as possible is one of my quirks."

Luca Munro, Contributing Editor at OverTake enjoys a variety of cars and tracke and competes in iRacing, rFactor 2 and ACC.

Luca Munro, "The Online Racer"​

"Personally I enjoy driving a variety of cars and tracks. I compete on iRacing, rFactor 2 and ACC primarily and enjoy the challenge that comes with the differences in their handling models even across the same cars. Also, I have always believed in leaning into the elements of sim racing that you can not do in the real world, like going from a GT car on ACC at Bathurst to an open-wheeler on iRacing at Spa with a few clicks. It is very fulfilling to jump around to different cars, tracks and games so quickly."

Angus Martin, Contributing Editor at OverTake, loves to recreate real-world events, both historical and modern in Assetto Corsa, iRacing, ACC and rFactor 2.

Angus Martin, "The Recreator"​

"From a very early age, my passion for motorsport was strong. From watching Formula One with my grandparents to finding my own love for endurance racing. Wanting a taste of going wheel-to-wheel in battle, I fell upon sim racing around a decade ago and have not looked back since. Recreating real-world events, both historical and modern in Assetto Corsa, iRacing, ACC and rFactor 2 is my jam."


Yannik Haustein, "The Historian"
"I am a big enthusiast for racing history - the ludicrous cars, the incredible danger of vintage circuits, the development of it all. Being able to experience at least an approximation on what motorsport must have been like before I was born - and also to live out my childhood fantasies of driving 90s F1 cars - is my sim racing nirvana. Even better if there is a league that recreates historic championships. I do enjoy the challenge of modern events such as the Nürburgring 24 Hours as well, however."


Connor Minniss, "The Allrounder"
"Me and my dad would always watch Formula One after church on a Sunday and I was lucky enough to be able to go to the British Grand Prix in 2013. This is where I first got to try a proper racing simulator. The day after the event, I bought a steering wheel and pedals and the rest is history! Nowadays, rFactor 2 is where I do a lot of my online racing and Assetto Corsa is my go-to sim for single-player."

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