Whilst microtransactions are nothing new in gaming, they've quite rightly remained a controversial feature even as their presence has become more common in games other time.

The Gran Turismo Series is no stranger to this controversy.
  • Gran Turimso 6 copped a lot of flack at the time, both for introducing MT's to the franchise and for the perceived lack of value offered by the credit bundles you could purchase.
  • Gran Turimso Sport had come with a promise of no microtransactions, only for the promise to be broken 9.5 months into the game cycle. The relatively generous effective "exchange rate" did little to quell the backlash, as reasonably priced MT's are still MT's.
And now we have Gran Turismo 7. Whilst no attempt was made to downplay the fact that microtransactions would be returning, offering credit boosters at a worse exchange rate than before (what used to get you 1 million / 2.5 million in Gran Turismo 6 gets you 750k / 2 million in Gran Turismo 7) has garned a lot of criticism, especially from those who may have been pre-disposed to nitpick the game regardless.

On one hand, I have noticed a few features that seem to lean into creating a need for extra credits. You can't sell back cars you own, used/legendary cars are priced like collectors items, and brand central has certain cars you can only buy on a 14-day invite.

On the other hand, my experience with the GT Mode / Campaign is that prize money in GT7 is just as plentiful as it was in GT 5/6, which in turn was more generous compared to GT 3/4. Combined with the aforementioned 2 million credit package costing $20 US, it makes me wonder who exactly the microtransactions are even aimed at, and if it matters that they exist at all?

With those two contrasting schools of thought in my mind, I present you with the poll. Let's vote and talk about this.

This article was originally published as a thread in the Gran Turismo Series forums