How Excited Has F1 Testing Left You For The 2022 Season?

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One half of pre-season testing is done, the other is set to follow from March 10th to 12th: Formula 1 is back on track, and after a considerable shakeup in the rules, testing for the new season has become even more interesting than usual ahead of the March 20th season opener at Sakhir.

F1 cars have always changed, but a new set of rules always seems to alter the face of the sport considerably. The 2022 cars, originally intended to be introduced for the 2021 season but delayed due to the COVID pandemic, certainly look different than their predecessors: Less bulky, more aggressive lines, ground effect floors and larger rims all make for interesting designs.

Likely the most radical design is the one Ferrari is throwing into the ring: The sidepods of the newest car of the legendary Scuderia turned a lot of heads upon reveal, and coupled with a supposedly big step in the right direction by the engine department, they have seemingly proven very functional so far during the testing sessions at Catalunya.

If the order really is going to be considerably different from the last few years remains to be seen, however - the first race of the season is going to shed light onto this question. With everything that has been changed in the regulations and looks of the cars, how excited are you for the next testing sessions and the season's start? Who are your favorites right now, what do you predict for 2022? Let us know in the comments!

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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


Unfortunately didn't have time to follow the Barcelona test days, but excited about to watch more straight line wobbling.

Sorry I'm totally behind F1 status this year, but I guess the teams will get a hand on this issue (if it's not already solved?). Otherwise some extra spice for the viewers and maybe too exciting for the drivers :roflmao:
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Testing hasn't changed my interest in the upcoming season for better or worse. I know that ultimately it's just a "make sure the new car actually works" exercise, and unless certain teams have a hard time even putting laps in, you can't really use it as a form guide or preview for the season.
It's quite obvious the whole 'F1 circus' has gone downhill for the last years with the 2021 season being the absolute lowlight (although I think the champion crowned is the correct one ;)). It is just not justifiable to ask (even more) money for watching the current debacle they call - dare I say it - Formula One.
Plenty of racing action going on elsewhere where the actual racing comes first. Hell, I rather watch F1 replays of the good old days than this!
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Not been "excited" for F1 in years, but it's still of great interest to me. I'm expecting more of the same really. The best teams already have the best people working for them both on track and behind the scenes, so I don't see these rule changes making that much difference to the pecking order.

Drivers will still exceed track limits, being on the right tyre at the right time tire will still be a major factor, stewards will still make ropey decisions and due to restrictions of development on we'll still know from which team the champion will come after the first three races (and probably which driver it is). I'd even go so far as to say, the first team to be champion of this "new era" will probably be the last before the next set of rule changes .

If were lucky, we may get two teams battling it out just as last year. That situation is probably the best we can hope for, because 2 drivers from the same team being 1st and 2nd often means there'll be a few of those "hold station" races where they're not allowed to race and we watch a two car procession to the flag.

Hopefully I'm totally wrong on all of that.
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The drivers are still boring millennials with no charisma, the circuits mostly boring Tilkedromes in countries with horrible human rights records, the racing needlessly convoluted with DRS/ERS/VSC/tyre compounds deciding everything, and the whole thing locked behind expensive terrestrial cable packages.

So on a scale of 1-10... zero.
Yes, Covid is still a real distraction !
Totally surprised about new F 1
changes. Thank you.
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Sooooo hyped !!!! Cars look stunning !!! Drivers seem to like the new regulation !!! All the best and not to forget NO MORE Masi so let's hope for better judgement calls and regularity all season long !!!

oh yeah and the news dropped no Mazespin for 2022 :coffee:

What happen to Haas without Uralkali btw?? are they doomed ?
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Hopefully it's not more of the same this year with all the changes, although looking at the test lap times from Barcelona I think my hopes will be dashed.
I'll watch it I guess.
It's more like Formula LMP now though; huge machines & all about the car and tyre management.
As I lifelong McLaren fan, I'm more excited about the upcoming campaign than I've been in some years. The learning curve required by the new aero packages gives me some hope that this season won't just be another Mercedes parade lap.
The drivers are still boring millennials with no charisma,
Fully agree.
The only one who was exciting to follow was Kevin Magnussen - hehe both in post race interviews and on track.
And in discussions with his team boss :roflmao:
After he left everything is so fu* political corect and boring :sleep:
Absolutely no interest yet again this year , sadly its been this way for a few years now for me.
Lifelong F1 fan but this is not F1 anymore to me,yes things change and change is good but there are so many aspects of this current F1 that irk me .
Anyways there are so many more vastly superior motorsports series to enjoy.
The drivers are still boring millennials with no charisma the circuits mostly boring.... and the whole thing locked behind expensive terrestrial cable packages.
So on a scale of 1-10... zero.
Me too, feeling this way..

Bad thing for me, is that I can
not smell the fuel fumes anymore.
As it used be..
All this misery beacause of Covid..

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